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Gemini Sexual Personality Traits Horoscope For 2015

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Gemini sexualityThe sex aspect of a relationship is a thing which troubles all of us. No matter what you feel about sex; there are always more questions to be answered. Analyzing and interpreting the sensual energy of people is gradually becoming essential. It is no doubt a unique, effective and mystical matter and astrology helps us come to an understanding of the topic through in depth exploration.


Sexuality is a difficult field in itself. Did you ever picture, that your libido can be identified from your Sun Sign? A sexual astrology reading for Gemini for 2015 can help you understand more about the sex personality for this zodiac sign.




Gemini Sexual Horoscope 2015


Gemini is said to be a double sided zodiac sign. Duality in everything they do is very much seen in the pure Gemini sign. Opposing thoughts, an outlook that keeps changing and sudden unexpected behavior are what make them delightful and great people. Gemini people can offer irritate the hell out of people with their indifference. But they always happen to be the most entertaining companions. You can never guess what is on a Gemini's mind.


Sex AstrologyGeminis are the most fickle minded sign of the zodiac. Their sexuality is also like their personality. Gemini sexual horoscope says that charming and adventurous are the keywords of Gemini sexuality in 2015. One thing which you people want to avoid at all cost is boredom in sexual life. Being ruled by the planet Mercury - the god of trickery and deceit, you are never straightforward and direct in expressing your sexual desires and needs.


As far as your sexual mood is concerned, Gemini horoscope predicts that the Gemini folks get angry and cool down very quickly. For you, 'variety is the spice of life'. Moreover, constant stimulation is what you people demand a lot. These characteristic traits of the Gemini often lands up with the strangest bedfellows.


As long as the bed partner of a Gemini can talk and provide them with constant mental as well as physical stimulation, the relationship with a Gemini sun sign person will stand strong. Wit, intelligence, observing power and tolerance are some of the characteristics which attract the Twins. Being adventurous, you never hesitate to try out new methods of love making and expressing your sexual desires. However, according to predictions in 2015 sex and sexual activities always get a second priority in a Gemini relationship the primary issue being mental compatibility.




Since the Geminis love and crave for variety throughout their life time, so they tend to be 'ambi-sexual' i.e. they get attracted to people of opposite sex very easily. However, the Gemini partners should be well aware about the dual nature of the Twins and in order to ensure a long lasting relation, they need to accept the Geminis exactly the way they are.


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