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Aquarius Sexual Personality Traits Horoscope For 2015

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Sex Zodiac AstrologyDid you know that your sexuality can be predicted from an analysis of the zodiac sign you are born in? Astrology and sex are closely related and the sexual desires and needs of an individual can be better understood with a sexual horoscope prediction 2015. Read on to know more about the sex preferences of the 2015 Aquarius Sex Horoscope.


Aquarians and Sagittarians are similar in many ways. They both love liberty, personal freedom and dominating over others. The Aquarian approach to everything in life is very different and unusual. Moreover, because of their compassionate nature, Aquarians very often tend to bear the brunt of others’ problems. The only trouble with Aquarians is that they do not know when to say no.


Aquarius Sexual Horoscope 2015

Aquarius Sexuality 2015As sexual partners, Aquarius zodiac sign are very stable as well as reliable. A long-term relationship with the pure Aquarian is worth living. The Aquarians usually love to live alone and they hardly believe in the concept of marriage or entering into a long life relationship. Family pressures and commitment is what irritates the Water Carrier the most.


Provided that the Aquarians retain a sense of freedom, he/she makes an excellent partner for any personality of the 12 zodiac signs who can cope with a certain amount of unpredictability and impracticality. An Aquarian is more likely to be concerned with the problems of others rather than his/her own problems.


Slow, steady yet unconventional are the keywords that best describes the sexual nature of the pure Aquarians. The sexuality horoscope prediction 2015 for Aquarius, the Water Carriers says that they are experimental in nature as far as sexual activities are concerned. Very often they undergo unusual experiences as a result of following the unconventional methods of sexual activities.


Born under this zodiac sign, the Aquarians are ruled by the planet Uranus. As such, you people always aim to be wild and erratic in your activities. You are very straightforward in expressing your sexual desires and needs. At times you even tend to be wild and self-destructive if your sexual desires are not met and satisfied by your partner.





Being unconventional lovers, Aquarius, the Water Carriers are basically impatient and powerful but lack an adventurous nature. Your sex drive is not strong this year - 2015, but once you get into the roll, things become difficult for you to control. Mental as well as physical stimulation keep you active in your sexual activities. The Aquarian folks get easily attracted to partners who are interesting and enjoy being unconventional just like them.




Most people take immediately to pure Aquarians. They may find their ideas a little off the track i.e. a bit idealistic and impractical. But basically, the Aquarian personality is preferable and attractive; their approach is friendly and they always look upon themselves as thoroughly nice innocent people. The pure Aquarians never live in the same world as the rest of us. Part of their mind travels in their world of ideals and as a result they are a bit indifferent towards the reality of life.


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