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Taurus Compatibility Zodiac Match

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Taurus zodiac compatibility with the twelve zodiac signs is discussed below:


Taurus Aries Compatibility

Taurus Aries Compatibility

The Bull needs to think, plan and like to go slowly. But tell that to the Ram, who has not heard of such things. And this will have them both locking horns over nothing and everything. Taureans being the cautious kinds is not going to miss a chance to tell "I told you so", when the Arians implusively leads them down the wrong alley. Click the image to read on...


taurus taurus loveTaurus Taurus Compatibility

Have you ever seen two bulls fight? Honestly? But don't let the that give you a negative image. They fight because they love each other and are committed. And they both can sometimes be downright boring. They need to get out more and do something different not because its right or wrong, but because it's fun.  Click the image to read on...


Taurus Gemini Compatibility

Taurus people are consistent and steadily advance in life. Their attitude is one of peace and calmness. On the other hand, Gemini people are fickle minded and are not stable. These opposing qualities will require lot of understanding for the relationship to thrive.


taurus gemini love

Taurus Man Gemini Woman

A Taurus man is gifted with lot of confidence and limitless energy. He is also possessive. Gemini woman is wild and lively. She is easily fascinated by his nature but the relationship can survive only if they make a lot of adjustments.


Taurus Woman Gemini Man

Taurus woman is put off by the flirting nature of Gemini man. He has lot of energy and likes to try new things. She wants him to be committed to only her and wants security. Relationship can last only with a lot of give and take from both the sides.


taurus cancer love

Taurus Cancer Compatibility


Both Taurus and Cancer prefer a simple lifestyles. They live in a self contained universe. This partnership is built on their core inner value and nature to build a world within a world. Taurus vs Cancer conflicts are rare. Click the image to read on...

taurus leo love

Taurus Leo Compatibility


Taurus and Leo are both known for their endless reserves of energy. Leos are born extroverts and Taurus are comfortable staying in the background. And this bodes well for them as a couple. Click the image to read on...


taurus virgo loveTaurus Virgo Compatibility

The Bull and the Virgin share many things including their attitudes towards life. And hence, will make a very good couple indeed. The are very compatible. Loyality and steadfastness is a keyword they both share. But they need to bring a little more "life" into this relationship. Click the image to read on...


Taurus Libra Compatibility

In matters of love both have different perceptions. Taurus is highly practical and down to earth. Libra is idealistic in love and expects lot of praise from the partner. The relationship may falter after initial bouts of passion. It will take lot of give and take to make it work.


taurus libra loveTaurus Man and Libra Woman

Love for art, music, and films are areas of common interest for Taurus man and Libra woman. Libra woman likes the company of others but the domineering nature of Taurus man is a hindrance. Both like to spend time together. Compatibility is average and the relationship can work out if they can keep their temper under control during difficult periods.


Taurus Woman Libra Man

The relationship is based on very high level of obsession and love for each other. Taurus woman has strong will power but is attracted by his credibility. Libra man is not devoted which will cause anxiety in Taurus woman. The relationship can be attractive and highly compatible if both can understand each other.


Taurus Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus can be jealous and Scorpio can be highly possessive. They are highly suspicious of each other. These things may create problems and may result in failure of relationship. If both of them are frank and free with each other, relationship may survive.


taurus scorpio loveTaurus Man Scorpio Woman

On a personal level, both are ruthless and do not trust each other. They are highly inflexible and do not accept view point of the other person. Only common aspect is their animal instinct which will attract them towards each other. Generally the compatibility is not viable between the two zodiac signs.


Taurus Woman Scorpio Man

Taurus woman does not always believe her partner and this mistrust will be a cause of conflict. Scorpio man is temperamental and he is in a fighting mood forever. This constant bickering may result in a tragedy. Zodiac compatibility between the two requires lot of mutual adjustments and understanding.


Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility

Taurus is homebound and likes to spend his time in the house relaxing watching television, listen to music or read novels. Sagittarius likes the world outside and like to go out and mix with people. Compatibility is possible if they accept each other as they are.


taurus sagittarius loveTaurus Man Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is compelled to follow his ideas. Taurus man is very rough and she is very mild. This may result in constant fights. Taurus man allows her enough independence which she enjoys. Compatibility is not great generally except in partnership in commercial ventures which may turn out to be highly profitable.


Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man

Taurus woman is attracted by his constant blabber. Sagittarius man by nature is daring, enthusiastic and sociable which is liked by her. The main problem is he will like to go after every girl but Taurus woman wants him to be dedicated to her. Because of this the relationship has very slim chances of survival.


Taurus Capricorn Compatibility

Both Taurus and Capricorn are interested in the religious and philosophical aspects of life. Both are realistic towards daily events. Taurus is attracted by the aspirations and calmness of Capricorn. Will power of Taurus attracts the Capricorn. There is very high compatibility because of common interests and confidence in each other. But the real passion is missing in their relationship.


taurus capricorn loveTaurus Man Capricorn Woman

Both Taurus man and Capricorn woman are infatuated with each other and love each other. She gives him quality time when Taurus man returns after a strenuous day’s work. They both have strong will power to succeed in life. Both are highly compatible and work together to achieve their targets in life.


Taurus Woman Capricorn Man

The calm and loving nature of Taurus woman soothes his seriousness. Both of them enjoy being together. They are bound by eternal love. There is perfect harmony in their relationship and the pair is rated as the best in terms of astrology compatibility amongst all the zodiac signs.


Taurus Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus is strong and believes in being straight forward. Aquarius is flexible and ready to move with changing times. Their compatibility is affected by their obstinate nature. Taurus is casual while Aquarius is highly fanatical in matters of love. They are highly incompatible because of their different perceptions.


taurus aquarius loveTaurus Man Aquarius Woman

Taurus man is traditional in his thinking while Aquarius woman has sweepingly different ideas. Both are entirely different in their approach to life. Both will try to impose their ideas on the other resulting in conflicts. The relationship has no chance of survival.


Taurus Woman Aquarius Man

Taurus woman and Aquarius man have entirely opposite ideas about life and cannot agree on a common agenda. Only good thing about the pair is Taurus woman can get an idea about various facets of life from Aquarius man. Otherwise the relationship is bound to fail.


Taurus Pisces Compatibility

Taurus loves an easy life with realistic approach towards life. Pisces lives in an imaginary world full of ambiguity. Taurus is attracted by the qualities of kindness, generosity and sympathy of a Piscean. The relationship will be harmonious and will prosper with time.


taurus pisces loveTaurus Man Pisces Woman

Taurus man and Pisces woman are bound by the common traits of romance and physical attraction for each other. Taurus man is brave and strong which are liked by Pisces woman. Pisces woman is born with romance and sympathy which will be appreciated by Taurus man. These qualities will result in a highly compatible relationship between the two horoscopes.


Taurus Woman Pisces Man

Taurus woman is faithful and dedicated to a Pisces man who feels comfortable with her. Taurus woman is attracted by his romance and passion. Taurus woman likes the depth of his intelligence. She is realistic about life and both together work towards their goals. The relationship can be highly compatible provided both sort out any differences which may arise.



Astrology predictions are very accurate when it comes to zodiac compatibility. Understanding the love between zodiac signs can help improve your relationships.


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