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Gemini Compatibility 2015

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Gemini Love CompatibilityIn matters of love people of the Gemini zodiac sign are strange in their outlook. They wish to have deep, eternal love but are cynical about it. They look for assurance and attention from their partner. At the same time they want their space and freedom. They are highly communicative and romantic and pamper their mates at all times.

They are compatible with Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Aries.

They do not get along with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio

Let’s read on to get detailed astrology predictions for zodiac compatibility of twelve signs.

Gemini Aries Compatibility

Aries will allow Gemini to enjoy his liberty and Gemini will admire his independence. Both do not like a single moment of dullness and will do anything to get out of boredom.

On the flip side, Aries is irritated by the slow and boring tone of Gemini’s way of talking. This may create problems in the relationship.

Gemini Man Aries Woman

Gemini Aries Love 2014 2015

Aries woman is attracted by the magnetism and loving nature of Gemini man. He too is captivated completely by her. Their life will be full of enthusiasm and exciting activity. Their relationship is highly thrilling as they are bound by lively common interests. Aries woman has to keep in check her flirting nature to avoid problems of compatibility.

Gemini Woman Aries Man

There is never a dull moment in the life of a Gemini woman and Aries man. It will be full of excitement, diversity and challenges. Aries man satisfies her requirement of constant contact. Both are engaged continuously in travel, communication and adventure. There is a very high level of compatibility in spite of animated arguments sometimes.

Gemini Taurus Compatibility
Gemini star sign person is highly unstable and impatient in nature. Taurean is highly composed and peaceful. In spite of their different traits, compatibility is possible if Gemini learns to be stable and Taurus can adjust to the nature of Taurus.

Gemini Taurus Love CompatibilityGemini Man Taurus Woman

Gemini man has a tendency to flirt which will make a Taurus person envious and domineering. He finds her lacking in sexual excitement. He is restless and impatient. She looks for devotion and protection. Relationship can only survive with a lot of adjustments.

Gemini Woman Taurus Man

The self-assurance and boundless vigor of Gemini woman hooks a Taurus man. He will like to control her lively and uninhibited nature. This may result in problems in relationship. If they settle their differences, the match can be excellent.

Gemini Gemini Compatibility

Gemini LoveGemini person is known for his twofold character. He or she alternates between happiness and seriousness. Suddenly they become edgy. They are highly talkative. He can be flexible, resourceful, contradictory and irritable. He looks for intellectual inspiration to keep his mind active. He cannot concentrate on anything for long. He is afraid of devotion to a particular thing.

Gemini Man Gemini Woman  & Vice Versa

Both are talkative, clever, and courageous and keep each other in good humor. They are always looking for new things to do as they have a low span of concentration. They are very lively and enjoy an adventurous life. Gemini person is ruled by logic and emotions are not prominent. This may create problems in relationship.

Gemini Cancer Compatibility

Both have different approach towards life. Cancerian believes in doing things while Gemini person talks more. Gemini is attracted by the intelligence, smartness and funny nature of Cancer star sign. Cancer will in turn provide strength and depth to the relationship. Cancer is apprehensive and envious of the flirting nature of Gemini and this may cause compatibility problems.

Gemini Cancer LoveGemini Man Cancer Woman

Gemini man attracts a Cancer woman by his passion and vigor. She attracts him by her magnetism and responsive nature. She is expressive and may not like his level headed nature. She is also put off by his lack of commitment to the relationship.

Gemini Woman Cancer Man

Cancer man is possessive and looks for commitment in the relationship. Gemini woman tends to flirt with other men. Suspicious nature of Cancer man will result in never ending arguments which will drive her away. Gemini woman is initially attracted by his passion and the relationship will last if she can control her flirting nature.




Gemini Leo Love 2014 2015

Gemini Leo Compatibility

Gemini and Leo are both self-centered and egoistic animals and that is going to cause some issues. But then this match was never meant to be. Leo are committed whereas Gemini people are always looking for something new. Click the image to read on...


Gemini Virgo Love

Gemini Virgo Compatibility

Both Gemini and Virgo rely on their level headed and realistic point of view to make a success story out of their relationship. However, the Virgo people need to relax and let their romantic side come out. Click the image to read on...


Gemini Libra Love

Gemini Libra Compatibility

Gemini and Libra are both extroverts and both are well tuned to understand the other. Libra balanced nature allows him/her to shower love and attention on his/her lover while the Gemini is self centered. Click the image to read on...


Gemini Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini Scorpio Compatibility

Geminis people love to party where as Scorpions love their solitude. They both have large egos and are over protective. This could be a difficult match but can work out beautifully if you can learn to agree to disagree. Click the image to read on...

Gemini Sagittarius Compatibility

Both are impatient and get into verbal fights. They cannot stick to a person or place for a long time. Sagittarius star sign is always engaged in some work or the other while Gemini cannot find the motivation to stick to something worthwhile. Gemini accepts life as it happens while Sagittarius has a rational approach towards life. There is a very good compatibility as both are flexible and can adjust to each other.

Gemini Sagittarius CompatibilityGemini Man Sagittarius Woman

Initially both are attracted by their passion towards each other. Both are independent, sociable and extroverts. They like to explore new places. As time passes on they become intemperate. She likes to be comfortable in the house and does not like his rational approach to life. This will create problems in relationship.

Gemini Woman Sagittarius Man

Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man are highly intelligent and indulge in sensible conversations. Both love fun and like socializing. Flirting nature of Gemini star sign may cause anxiety in Sagittarius man. He will encourage her to be more creative and follow her dreams. Relationship will be compatible with some adjustments.

Gemini Capricorn Compatibility

The nature of Gemini person is one of calmness while that of Capricorn is based on impulse. Gemini cannot stick to boring things and is never a stickler for rules. Capricorn person is cautious and likes to work hard even on dull projects. Zodiac compatibility is possible if Gemini injects seriousness and Capricorn puts some fun in their relationship.

Gemini Capricorn Love Compatibility 2014Gemini Man Capricorn Woman

Gemini man’s humor and constant flow of ideas fascinate Capricorn woman. She wants him to be faithful to her but he continues to flirt. She gets hurt by his uninhibited nature. Her stable nature does not match with his impetuous nature. This love relationship can be compatible if she can bend a little and if he can control his flirting.

Gemini Woman Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is unadventurous while Gemini woman is highly daring. She likes his will power and he likes her enthusiasm. Compatibility is low as Gemini woman does not like his being an obstruction to her adventures.

Gemini Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini’s wit attracts Aquarius. They have a similar outlook on life which will add to the compatibility. Gemini person likes the imaginative way of Aquarius person while Aquarius likes the freedom of Gemini. Aquarian has to match the passion of Gemini to strengthen their relationship.

Gemini Aquarius LoveGemini Man Aquarius Woman

There is great compatibility in their qualities, understanding of life, their intelligence, their conversations, passion, exploring new landscapes and interest for change and diversity. Their relationship will also result in good friendship.

Gemini Woman Aquarius Man

Gemini woman and Aquarius man understand each other perfectly more by intuition rather than by conversation and feelings. Both live an unplanned life and are not bound by any rules. They are constantly looking for change and adventure in life. Aquarius man can take good care of a Gemini woman and there is high compatibility between the two.

Gemini Pisces Compatibility

Their love compatibility is based on flexibility and mutual adjustments. Both are on a look out for new ideas. Pisces is emotional and unrealistic about life. Gemini is selfish and practical. Relationship can be more harmonious if Gemini becomes more caring and Pisces learns to be practical.

Gemini Pisces LoveGemini Man Pisces Woman

Gemini man is constantly changing almost every day which will affect the compatibility. Pisces woman is looking for security, love and attention. She is also looking for emotional support which cannot be expected from a Gemini man. Pisces woman can use her convincing powers to make the relationship work.

Gemini Woman Pisces Man

Gemini woman is drawn towards a Pisces man by his passion initially. Gemini woman is highly expressive while Pisces man can hardly express his feelings. Her sharp words can hurt his feelings. The relationship can sustain if he can become more expressive and verbal while she can be more affectionate towards him.


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