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Cancer Compatibility With 12 Star Signs

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Cancer CompatibilityCancer zodiac sign people are happy in the company of their family and friends in the quietness of their homes. They are obedient and faithful to their partner. They are not eloquent and keep their lover guessing about their thoughts.

They are highly devoted in love and project themselves as guardians of their mate. They are also highly passionate. They look for depth, commitment and devotion in the relationship.

Cancer is compatible with Taurus, Pisces, Virgo, and sometimes Scorpio.

Cancer is not comfortable with Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Aquarius.

Read on to know how compatible the Cancer astrology sign is with the 12 zodiac signs. See what the zodiac predictions have to say?

Cancer Aries Compatibility

Cancer is not as much loyal as the Aries in a relationship. Cancerians look for closeness and mutual caring while Arians want freedom and are insensitive. For a lasting partnership, Aries has to learn to have sympathy and sensitivity from Cancer and Cancer has to pick up independence from Aries and should control his changing moods.

Cancer Aries Love 2014 2015Cancer Man Aries Woman

Both are attracted to each other by their passion. But Aries woman looks for freedom and Cancer sun sign man looks for devotion in relationship. Relationship is in danger because of the obstinacy and strong will power of both the partners. Some flexibility on their part can induce some compatibility between the two.

Cancer Woman Aries Man

Aries man is suffocated by the possessiveness of Cancer woman. She resents the flirtatious nature of Aries. Aries man is always on the look out for change while she wants a strong, long lasting relationship. The partnership can work if he can convince her to allow him freedom.

Cancer Taurus Compatibility

They are in their own world, immune to what is happening outside. Both are bound by sympathy, kindness and a friendly attitude. Their approach to life is straight forward and they are peaceful and responsive to each other. The compatibility is very high between the two zodiac signs.

Cancer Taurus compatibility 2014 2015Cancer Man Taurus Woman

Taurus woman always looks for ways to keep Cancer man comfortable and shower love and affection on him. He is very romantic and faithful. This is a perfect combination and lasts for life according to their love horoscope.

Cancer Woman Taurus Man

Temperamentally, they complement each other. He likes her original ideas and encourages her to be creative. Both like to be romantic in private. Cancer woman’s anxiety for protection is taken care of by his caring attitude. Taurus man wants to be in charge of things which may upset her. If this is taken care of, the relationship will prosper.  

Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini have different ways of looking at life. Gemini likes to talk while Cancer will act. Flirting nature of Gemini will make Cancer envious and anxious. On the other hand, Gemini will attract Cancer by his intelligence and smartness. Cancer gives strength and firmness to the partnership.

cancer gemini love 2014 2015Cancer Man Gemini Woman

Cancer man attracts Gemini woman by his passion. The doubtful nature of Cancer man will make him blame the Gemini woman of being unfaithful. Inability of Gemini woman to convince him irritates her. This will hurt the relationship. He looks for dedication and she looks for temporary relationship. Partnership will depend on her affection and dedication.

Cancer Woman Gemini Man

Passion and vigor of Gemini man attracts Cancer woman. She hooks him by her magnetism and responsive nature. Problems in relationship will start creeping up after sometime. She is temperamental and he is level headed. He is not dedicated and she wants security.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Cancer Love 2014 2015

Cancerians are highly sympathetic and expressive and their moods change often. They are bound by their families. They are easily hurt by unkind remarks of other people. Lot of affection has to be showered on them to get them out of their hole. They are also mysterious and cautious. They keep their problems to themselves but they are very affectionate. They only act when others need their help.

Cancer Man Cancer Woman & Vice Versa

There is no compatibility between Cancer man and Cancer woman. They just know the requirements and thoughts of each other. They are subject to ever changing moods. Long furious arguments may result in parting of ways. To stay together, both Cancer woman and Cancer man have to be affectionate, devoted and loyal to each other.

Cancer Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo approach life differently which may upset their ego. Leo wants to lead and Cancer is a good follower. Leo will be happy to be admired by Cancer. Both value their friendship. In spite of their differences relationship may last because of their zodiac friendship.

Cancer Leo Love 2014 2015Cancer Man Leo Woman

With some adjustments, the match between Cancer man and Leo woman can be highly compatible. Cancer man is arrogant and temperamental while Leo woman wants affection and respect from him. If she gets these things, the partnership will flourish.

Cancer Woman Leo Man

Leo man likes to share his time and belongings with his mate. Cancer woman desires admiration and devotion which she gets from Leo man. He always supports her in difficult times. Their relationship is highly compatible as it is based on reliability and devotion.

Cancer Virgo Compatibility

Cancer is receptive and sluggish. Virgo is rational and tolerant. Both are bound by the differences and can be compatible. Virgo is attracted by the pointed features and rigid posture of Cancer. Cancer likes the realistic approach and straight forwardness of Virgo. Virgo is fascinated by the love and sympathetic behavior of Cancer.

Cancer Virgo Love 2014 2015Cancer Man Virgo Woman

Virgo woman keeps Cancer man pleased by giving love and affection. Cancer man attracts Virgo woman by his good looks, imagination and intelligence. The partnership is highly compatible with good understanding, loyalty and love. They should refrain from criticizing each other as both are sensitive.

Cancer Woman Virgo Man

She is expressive and relies on others. Cancer woman looks for safety and affection which is given by Virgo man. Differences may arise when Virgo cannot articulate his feelings and Cancer woman gets into a bad mood. If they can overcome these problems, they can live happily forever.

Cancer Libra Compatibility

Happiness and harmony are the main traits of Libra sun sign while Cancer is temperamental and moody. Librans are out-going and look for excitement. Cancer wants privacy and is comfortable in the four walls of the house. Cancer star sign looks for passion in the partnership but Libra follows his head rather than his heart. The pair is not compatible as their requirements are diverse.

Cancer Libra CompatibilityCancer Man Libra Woman

Cancer man is temperamental whereas Libra woman is relaxed and happy-go-lucky. Cancer man is stingy as against Libra woman who squanders money. The partnership is not compatible and lot of effort is required to keep it going.

Cancer Woman Libra Man

Cancer woman craves for affection and security and harasses Libra man for these things. In turn Libra man gets irritated. As their requirements are not same, astrology compatibility between the two is low.

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer is compassionate, motivated, obstinate and receptive. Scorpio will sustain and look after Cancer. Both are passionate in love. They have matching qualities which keep the partnership alive and strong. Scorpio sun sign is over-protective but Cancer is liberal and affectionate.

Cancer Scorpio Love 2014 2015Cancer Man Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is dedicated to Cancer man and will fulfill all his needs. His protective nature takes care of her jealousy. Scorpio woman motivates him to achieve great things with calmness. The bonding between the two is astounding and eternal in spite of minor hiccups.

Cancer Woman Scorpio Man

Cancer woman is attracted by his magical ways and physical charm which results in a strong relationship. Cancer woman feels protected by the powerful and faithful Scorpio man. Cancer woman takes care of the doubting nature of Scorpio and converts the relationship into a strong one.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius zodiac sign is uncomplicated and clever while Cancer is weak and sympathetic. Sagittarius is frank and has problems in comprehending the emotions of Cancer. They offer happiness with their wit and openness. Sagittarius is unable to cope up with her changing moods. Cancer is home bound while Sagittarius likes to travel and explore new places. Astrology compatibility can be achieved with some adjustments.

Cancer Sagittarius Love 2014 2015Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman

Relationship between Cancer man and Sagittarius woman is doubtful. Still it is possible to have a fruitful match if Cancer man keeps her happy and if Sagittarius woman has devotion and friendship with him and his family.

Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man

A workable relationship can be stitched together if Sagittarius man is more dependable and takes interest in his relations and Cancer woman can become more courageous and support the actions of a Sagittarius man. It may not be one of the excellent zodiac love matches.

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn have some traits which are common and some which are exactly opposite. Both have a lot of passion but Capricorn cannot offer much love. Capricorn is dependable and faithful but emotionally swings to the extremes. It is difficult to predict the compatibility of this match.

Cancer Capricorn Love 2014 2015Cancer Man Capricorn Woman

Both are fascinated with each other to start with. Capricorn woman is strong minded and quick tempered. She is irritated by the gentle nature and swinging moods of Cancer man. Compatibility between the two is difficult but faith in each other may keep the relationship alive.

Cancer Woman Capricorn Man

Cancer woman can attract a Capricorn man by his higher status rather than by affection. Feelings, devotion and romance are not in his nature. Capricorn man may be reliable and faithful but will not find comfort in the relationship unless he gives her lot of time and appreciates her emotions.

Cancer Aquarius Love 2014 2015

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility


Aquarians likes his/her liberty and Cancerians loves not giving them that. Both are always on the backfoot which makes this relationship a little tedious. But then there is bright side to everything, even in this unlikely match Click the image to read on...


Cancer Pisces Love 2014 2015

Cancer Pisces Compatibility


Cancer and Pisces live in the same environment making them natural allies and competitors. But Pisces being more sensitive is weaker of the two in this relationship and Cancerian provides the protection needed for the Piscean. Click the image to read on...




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