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Leo And Virgo Love Compatibility 2015

Article posted on September 28, 2013 and it has been read by 2676 people
leo Vrigo Compatibility

2015 Leo Virgo Compatibility Report


Virgo is an introvert and hence not expressive. Leo is arrogant about his charisma. Compatibility between Leo and Virgo star sign is limited by the ego of Leo and nagging nature of Virgo. Relationship may survive if both can forget about the shortcomings of the other and Virgo can make Leo a humble person.


Leo Man Virgo Woman


Relationship compatibility between Leo man and Virgo woman has better probability of success than between a Leo woman and Virgo man. Virgo woman does her work in the correct fashion and expects approval from Leo man. Virgo woman tends to criticize and Leo man is difficult to please. Relationship will work if Virgo woman can change his mind-set.


Leo Woman Virgo Man


There is love compatibility in the initial stages of relationship. Virgo man is unable to fulfill the difficult demands of a Leo woman. Leo woman can be highly affectionate but Virgo man is not the type to be bothered by romance. Leo woman may get dejected by the complex nature of a Virgo man. Match between the two is not recommended.


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