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2016 Dragon Horoscope Predictions

Article posted on December 21, 2013 and it has been read by 38433 people

2016 Dragon Horoscope2016 will be a year of celebrations for the Dragon Chinese sign. You will celebrate promotions in the work place. Family occasions and get-togethers will keep you busy throughout the year.

Chinese career horoscope for the Dragon predicts excellent growth and benefits in the Year of the Horse. All your hard work and efforts will pay off. Promotions, salary hikes are on the cards.

The 2016 Chinese zodiac forecasts that the financial stability of the Dragon people will increase in the coming Year of the Green Horse. You will make tons of money through different means.

Cupid will strike the single Dragon people. You might find the right person with whom you wish to settle down. You will be lucky in relationships, both personal and professional.

Overall health predictions for the Dragons is good in 2016. You might suffer from some minor cold or fever symptoms.

The 2016 Dragon horoscope foretells that the coming year will be filled with luck and happiness.


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