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2016 Monthly Horoscope For Leo

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The Leo Monthly Horoscope predicts and forecasts about good and bad events in 2016 for the Leo zodiac sign. Be it love or career, know your future today and be ready for the coming days. Find out how good or bad you will be in finding love or whether you will get that long awaited promotion.


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5 Leo May Horoscope 2016


Monthly horoscope for the May 2016 for Leo individuals predicts that you will focus more on professional aspects while paying enough attention to family and social circuits. You will be free to take your own decisions without depending on others. Your planetary positions support you in whatever you want to achieve.


In love matters, you should be more pleasant with your partners and avoid all types of arguments to maintain peace.


Career astrology for the Leo sun sign predicts that you will easily achieve your goals with your hard work. You will be determined to make sure that you succeed in whatever you set your sight on.


Financial predictions foretell that issues will be quite tough during the month. Be careful while investing in new ventures. Income will be erratic and spending will be unplanned.


Leo May Horoscope 2016 forecasts that health prospects are not very good, and you should take enough breaks to remain in good shape. Concentrate on your mental health in addition to physical fitness.


Family relations may see some disturbance because of your concentration on career objectives. Situation will improve in the second half of May 2016.

4 Leo April Horoscope 2016


Leo monthly horoscope for April 2016 indicates that the innate nature of diplomacy and friendliness of Leo people will stand in good stead to achieve their personal goals with the help of their social circle. They should not forget to return the help to their friends in times of their hardship.


Career astrology for Leo sun sign suggests that you will succeed in your profession or business because of others. You can expect improvement in status and monetary benefits.


Financial forecast for April 2016 foretells extra care in spending large sums as you have to save money for the rainy day. While investing you should avoid all risky propositions.


leo horoscope 2016 april


Love and relationship affairs point to the role of your magnetic personality in forming new relationships and improving existing friendships.


Health predictions for Leos warn that you will require urgent resolution and professional help in order to avoid things becoming worse.


Family environment can be made cheerful by avoiding disagreements with your spouse and settling matters amicably.

3 Leo March Horoscope 2016


March 2016 Horoscope for Leo people foretells that this will be a month of impetus to attain your goals in life. Professional matters will rule over family matters. Social contacts will be of great help in day to day affairs. Big spending towards purchases and investments should be held back till the second half of the month.


Career predictions point to promotions and salary increases with increased accountability. Unemployed persons should grab all opportunities presented to them.


Financial position will be tricky and requires constant monitoring with cost effective measures put in place. Partnerships will prosper with easy availability of finance and with right decisions.


Love astrology predicts instability in matters of love. Singles can expect to find instant love probably in the work place. Balancing love and career will pose difficulties.


Health will not be robust and you will have to heed to signs from your body. Take enough breaks and exercise enough to maintain fitness.


Probably you will face problems in the family with some disagreements with partner and absence of love and care from your spouse.

2 Leo February Horoscope 2016


February 2016 will see Leo zodiac sign people concentrating on public and social life. Love life will be warm but family will create obstacles during the month. Business people should exercise patience and caution in their activities. Reduce stress by taking enough rest.


2016 February Leo horoscope forecasts that finances will require considerable attention as the situation is hazy. Do not put money in speculative ventures. You should able to manage your challenges pretty will with lot of effort.


Leo career predictions for February 2016 indicate that you will succeed in your projects. Enlist the cooperation of your colleagues at work. You should put your heart into your work and work relentlessly. There is a possibility of a promotion or change of job during the month.


Love and relationship matters require a positive approach and enough understanding of your partner. You should be ready to appreciate the perspective of your partner also. You will have to take a decision on your present relationship if it is unstable.


Family responsibilities may include taking care of an aged person closely related to you like your mother or father. If you are not happy with your present life style, feel free to change it to your taste.

1 Leo January Horoscope 2016


The Leo 2016 January horoscope forecasts that all your efforts on the personal and professional front to overcome misunderstandings will be fruitful. You might find your true partner this month. Finances will be difficult.

LeoLove and relationships will form a major part of your life in January 2016. Caring and sharing are the secrets for your relations to succeed. Singles will be sure to grab the attention of the opposite sex.

Expect some problems with colleagues on the work front. Business partners might prove to be difficult. Your ability to look deep into details will be in your favor.

Leo 2016 finance predictions foretell that monetary transactions need to be kept in budget in January. Cash flow might be strained for people of the Leo sun sign.

Work related travel and trips are on the cards. Holiday with spouse is also predicted.

Leos will make attempts to keep their health in shape by regular exercise and proper diet. 2016 health astrology also forecasts that headaches might plague you this month.

You might have some arguments in the family but you will solve them amicably with your diplomacy.

12 Leo December Horoscope 2017


Leo Astrology2017 Leo horoscope for December predicts changes from people to clothes. Finances will be excellent. Love and marital relationships will thrive on understanding. Money will come in from unexpected sources.

Married couples will be happy with one another. All misunderstandings will be resolved this month. A little bit of passion can add some spice to your relationships.

Progress in career and business is expected in the December 2017 career horoscope. Important deals might be signed through parties and socializing with the right people.

Expect to make some money from sale of property or shares. You will spend some money on parties, travel and family.

Travel might not be possible this month for the Leo zodiac sign. But if possible go on a short weekend getaway.

2017 Health astrology predictions forecast a good December 2017 for the Leos. But you need to focus on getting your regime right.

Family and children will test your patience. Someone might need your financial help.

11 Leo November Horoscope 2017


Leo HoroscopeLeo astrology predictions for November 2017 forecasts a rewarding month. Love will be excellent. Health will be good. You will make great progress in career and financial matters.


Love and romance in your life will rise to a high this month. The Leo love horoscope predicts that you will be pampered a lot by your partner. Singles will meet new partners.


Career forecast for 2017 November predicts a month with less focus. But even then you will make quite a bit of progress.


Financial position will improve for Leos. You might get some money from sale of property. Towards the month end, finances might be strained due to Mercury Retrograde.


A short vacation with loved ones will help in rejuvenating you.


Health will be good but you need to take some extra precautions. Do not let stress and tension get to you.


Family and domestic life will be harmonious. You will be devoted to your parents and children and try to fulfill all their demands.                 

10 Leo October Horoscope 2017

October 2017 Leo horoscope predicts that your attention will be on different things this month. Career and finance will be stable. Love life might be a bit stagnant. Health will be satisfactory.


Leo Astrology 2017 OcotberDo not expect much from your partner or lover this month. Leo compatibility with other signs might be a bit subdued.

Expect to start new projects on the work front that will keep you occupied throughout this month. Success is predicted if you put your best foot forward according to the October 2017 Leo horoscope.

Financial predictions for the Leos show stability. This is a good month to invest in stock trading according to your stars.

Health forecasts for October 2017, show that Leos will be full of vigor this month. But this does not mean that you overdo everything and end up falling sick.

A foreign trip is on the cards. This is a good month to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Your home will be filled with guests and relatives. You will do some serious socializing this month. After the Pluto retrograde, you will tend to spend more time with your parents, spouse and children.


9 Leo September Horoscope 2017

Career and business will be great this month for the Leos according to the 2017 Leo September horoscope. Health may be a bit upset. Love affairs and romance will have a happy ending.

Leo Monthly Horoscopes 2017Leos in love will have a happy month. The Leo love horoscope predicts interest in new partners and stronger bonding for married couples.

The Leo career horoscope predicts a fruitful month for both salaried and business people.

Income will be stable and you will plan your investments very carefully this month.

A long and exhausting business trip will prove to be profitable.

Leo sun sign people will need to take extra care of their health. Work and stress may spoil your routine and cause some distress.

Learn to communicate with your family. The retrograde planets in your birth chart might create some minor problems.

8 Leo August Horoscope 2017

Leo Lion Horoscope 2017 2016August 2017 Leo horoscope predicts an average month. Career and finance will be excellent but your love and relationships may be a little slow.

Love and romance will be slow in August 2017. Relationships that are new may result in breakups. A lot of understanding is required by you, if you wish to have a good relationship with your soul mate.

Career and job related decisions will be a priority for you this month. You will have a hectic time at work and thus ignore other aspects of your life.

This month is not a good time for major investments like property, shares and gold. Try to spend as less as possible. The Mercury retrograde movements can affect your financial stability. But you will earn well this month.

Spiritual travel to a holy place can also happen in August 2017, according to your 2017 astrology prediction.

Work related tension can be a reason for worry. Relaxation with the help of yoga and self healing can be an excellent solution.

Do not neglect your family because of your crazy working hours. Try to take out some time and relax with them.

7 Leo July Horoscope 2017


July 2017 predictions for the Leo look good. Your dreams and desires will be fulfilled. All your efforts will be paid off. Home and family may need a little bit of extra attention. Love and romance will be strained, but only for a short while.  All the planets in your birth chart are in your favor. Let your good Karma choose the path for you.


Leo Zun Sign 2017 2016Love for the Leos may be a bit difficult this month since it is a period of self realization. You need to give a deeper meaning to your relationships. Short time love affairs will give you a lot of happiness.


Career predictions for July 2017, predict that there may be some problems on the professional and business front but you will tackle them well. Independent decisions will help you achieve success. Work will progress well.


The 2017 Leo money horoscope forecasts that July 2017 will be a beneficial month. All your speculations and investments will return profits. You will tend to spend more this month on luxurious items.


Health horoscope 2017 for Leo predicts excellent health and vitality. Change your mental and physical attitude and enjoy life to a much greater extent. Your 2017 food horoscope foretells that eating the right kind of foods can help you a lot.


Travel for work and business is on the cards.


Leos will enjoy life this month. You will be busy socially throughout the month with your family and friends.


6 Leo June Horoscope 2017


June 2017 for the Leo zodiac starts strong on the career front as shown by the cardinal points in the horoscope. Overall this will be a good month for career, family, social outings and health.

Love and romance will benefit from better understanding and commitment. Some relationships may be on the verge of breaking if you do not put in extra effort. New relationships will blossom.

Career Horoscope 2017Job horoscope shows that career is the key focus for June 2017. You will find excellent opportunities in job and business that will prove to be successful. People in creative professions will be extremely satisfied with their jobs.

Take care of your finances and do not let money flow from your pockets. There will be some unexpected expenses in June 2017.

You may plan a few short trips with your new found friends. Your travel astrology predicts that a trip abroad may also materialize.

Health predictions for the beginning of June 2017 are good but emotional health may need to be taken care of. Do not let stress and tension put you down.

Your social life will go to a new high. New friends, parties and outings will keep you busy this month. Your help may be needed by your parents. You may also think of renovating your home.

May 2017


May 2017 Leo astrology predictions foretell that this is a good month for material gains and spiritual understanding. Do not ignore the good opportunities that come your way.

2017 Leo Monthly HoroscopeLove relationships may culminate in marriage according to the Leo love predictions for May 2017. Singles will find good opportunities to express their love.

Career and business predictions show that the Leos will now rise up in their jobs and push forward to achieve their targets. Do not fret if things get delayed, since success will be yours in the coming months. Promotions, salary hikes and profitable deals are on the cards.

Finances may be tough in May 2017 for the Leo but this is a good time to invest in the stock market and buy property. Your overall income will be more than your expenses according to the Leo money horoscope.

Business related travel may work out this month.

Take extra precautions while driving. You will find your true calling in spiritual healing. Minor health ailments may trouble you this month.

Your social reputation will be on a high this month. You will feel pleased in helping others. Family will be accommodating when it comes to your career. Children will flourish in their studies and career. Your compatibility with family will be excellent. This is also a good time if you are planning for children.

April 2017


April 2017 predictions for the Leo zodiac sign are beneficial for total happiness and good fortune. You will achieve success in all your physical, emotional and mental pursuits. Career and finance may be a bit difficult this month.

Leo Monthly HoroscopeLeo love horoscope for April 2017 predicts that love in relationships will blossom. Do not get into unwanted confrontations with your spouse or partner.

Career will prosper if you pay heed to your colleagues and take the favourable opportunities as they come. Business and professional ventures will keep you busy this month.

Financial forecast for April 2017 for Leos shows that money will be tight this month.

April 2017 is a good time to travel and take a relaxing vacation.

Take good care of your health or you will end up suffering from overexertion. Do not let your positive energy bring you down. It is a good idea to get a preventive health check up done.

Leos will tend to be religiously inclined this month and take interest in spiritual and philosophical studies. The Leo horoscope shows that this devout interest can help you understand your inner self and come to terms with your true personality. Social status and reputation too will improve.

March 2017


March 2017 is a time of transformations for the Leo sun sign predicts the 2017 horoscope. Be it health or profession, you will get ample opportunities to rectify your mistakes. This month is a rebirth of sorts for you where you get a chance to overcome negative inhibitions.

Leo Zodiac HoroscopeLove and sex will play an important role in your life this month. Your sexual needs will be on a high. Get over old love romances and move ahead in life. This is the right time to start new relationships with people who you really care for.

Career for Leo star sign will be extremely good this month. Business contacts will improve by socializing with the right people. You will be rewarded for your hard work in your professional capacity.

Financially you will need to exert more caution. Do try hard to control your spending since the coming months may prove to be difficult.


Travel for fun and work is predicted for the whole of 2017.

Health will be excellent in March 2017. You will be filled with vigour and energy and positive attitude.

Start fresh by renewing your ties with old friends and family members. Forget and forgive old disputes and move ahead.

February 2017


February 2017 for the Leos will be socially demanding. Your diplomatic personality will help you achieve your goals with other’s support. After the few past emotional months, you will again be active and focussed.

Leo partners will compliment and support each other in all ways possible. Leo star sign people will also be sexually active and indulge themselves.

There is scope for promotion on your career front as seen in your birth chart. Do not let your aggressive attitude spoil relations with your colleagues. Socializing for business is on the cards. Business deals may go through only because of acquaintances you make on the social circle.

Financial astrology reading suggests that you need to make financial decisions wisely as you will earn well this month. Do not indulge in risky speculating. Save and invest in traditional methods for future stability. Pay of loans and debts.

Vacations or travel with family is predicted for February 2017 for the Leo zodiac sign people. Work related travel will also prove to be profitable.

Health problems may continue and will be better only towards the end of the month. You may take part in physical activities like jogging, swimming and cycling to improve your blood circulation.

In the previous months your family would have supported you tremendously, now it is time for you to focus on other aspects of your life.

January 2017


January 2017 Leo horoscope predicts that this month will be full of new beginnings. This is a good time to start afresh in life.

Leo Monthly HoroscopeLove predictions warn you to go slow when it comes to matters of the heart. People who are looking to start a new relationship can do so. But do not be hasty and expect instant commitment. Sexual desires may not be fulfilled. Married life will be blissful and happy.

Career horoscope forecasts that  starting new business ventures will be benficial this month. You will need to put in a lot of effort. Do not be very dominating at your work place but learn to work as a team with your colleagues.

Try to be careful in your spending. You need to save now for the future. Do not indulge in luxurious spending in January 2017. Business people and entrepreneurs will make huge profits in business.

Work related travel for the Leos may fructify this month.

Health will need to be given extra care. Be careful not to be involved in accidents or mishaps. Mental stress and tension will need to be controlled by natural healing and therapy.

Family life will be satisfactory for the Leo star sign. Your parents, spouse and children will provide you with a lot of support. Health of loved ones will need a little bit of attention.


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