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2016 Chinese Horoscope Predictions - Year Of The Horse

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2016 Chinese Zodiac Year of the horseChinese Horoscope 2016 for the Year of the Horse is available right here for the 12 Chinese animal signs. Start this Chinese New Year 2016 with a bang by getting free astrology predictions in advance. Read on to know what the year 2016 has in store for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig zodiac signs.


According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2016 is the Year Of The Wood Horse or the Green Horse. Find out how you will fare in this New Year and how this Horse year will prove to be lucky for you! Will you meet your true love this year or get that promotion?


Chinese Horoscope 2016

This year begins on January 31st 2016 and ends on February 18th 2017. The horse which is the seventh sign in Chinese astrology is a symbol of nobility, fame, elegance and determination.


Your personalized Chinese horoscope for 2016 predicts your energy in the coming year, and also your luck and fortune in all aspects of your personal and professional life.


Get free 2016 Chinese astrology predictions for your compatibility with your partner as well. Know more about your financial forecasts and health advice. Learn how lucky this year will turn out to be for you!


Rat Horoscope 2016

2016 will be a challenging year for people of the Rat zodiac sign. You will be successful in all spheres of life provided you put in your best foot forward. Expect a lot of fun and pleasure but be ready to work hard too if you wish to achieve your goals and targets. Take care of your health. Love and respect your spouse and family.

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Ox 2016 Predictions

The Ox horoscope predictions for 2016, forecast that people of this animal sign will face many complications and problems. But everything can be overcome with a positive attitude and strong willpower. Money, career, love, health will all be good in 2016 provided you don’t go overboard. Do not begin any new ventures or relationships this year.

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Tiger Astrology 2016

2016 horoscope for the Tigers predicts that it will be an average year. You need to take the initiative to make the first move in your personal and professional relationships. Health in 2016 is predicted to be good. Love relationships need more effort. Career and professional commitments will increase.

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2016

The 2016 Pig zodiac horoscope foretells that this will be a year of intuition and telepathy. The Pig people will gain both in their career and love life, thanks to their intuitive powers. Overall this will be an extremely positive year in all aspects. So make the most of it.

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Chinese Horoscope 2016 Dragon

Celebrate and party! This will be the theme for the Dragons in 2016. The Dragon horoscope predictions forecast that be it work, family or loved ones you will have some reason to party throughout the year. You will be blessed with good health, understanding partner, growth in career and financial bliss.

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Snake Chinese Astrology 2016

The 2016 Year of the Horse will be hectic for the Snake animal sign. Chinese astrology 2016 predictions for the Snake foretell that you will need to maintain the right balance between work and pleasure if you don’t want to fall sick.

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Horse Horoscope 2016

The Year of the Green Wood Horse will be positive and beneficial for the Horse people. You will need to make the most of available opportunities instead of waiting for the right time. Romance and career will go hand in hand. Health predictions too are positive according to the 2016 Horse Horoscope.

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2016 Sheep Horoscope

Chinese zodiac Sheep 2016 predictions forecast that the coming year will be full of positivity and have excellent prospects. Do not let go of even the smallest chance in love and profession. Financial investments will bear fruit this year. Compatibility with partner will be good.

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Chinese Astrology Monkey Horoscope 2016

The 2016 Monkey Chinese astrology predictions forecast a slow and dull year. But there is no need to be upset as you have a lot of pending work on hand. All incomplete projects need to be completed this year so that you can start afresh the next year. Love will be fulfilling. Mental health might need to be taken care of.

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2016 Chinese Astrology Rooster

Fantastic opportunities will knock on your doors. So the Rooster people need to make the most of the chance they are getting instead of wasting time in thinking about better prospects. Flings and love affairs will keep you busy. Weight related issues might trouble you in 2016.

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Chinese Zodiac Dog 2016

The Dog predictions for 2016 forecast a positive year for love and romance. You will be in the limelight on your professional front. Unexpected wealth is forecast. New relationships are on the cards. Health will be excellent. Expect a year of celebrations and merriment.

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2016 Chinese Horoscope Pig

The Pig astrology forecasts for 2016 suggest that you will be involved in a lot of traveling this year. Your mind will be moving from one thought to another in no time. Career will be crazy but you will make a lot of money. Relationships might be a bit strained. Health needs to be taken care of. Do not let stress get to you.

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