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How To Be The Perfect Lover

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Love, compatibility, relationships all go hand in hand. A lot goes into making your relationship with your partner special and exciting. Read on to get free love tips and advice to make your bond stronger.


Love In RelationshipsIt is a busy day for Steve. He works as a couples therapist ore relationship counselor and he has been working for three hours straight. Like every other couple, Brad and Kate walked into his clinic. They were seldom talking to each other and he could feel the aura of conflict between them. He started recording the conversation between the couple and himself. The session went on for an hour and Steve suggested they come back in a month. At the end of the day, Steve took their recorded file and played it in his phone. It all started with a Good Afternoon.


Steve: ‘Good Afternoon. May I know your names please?’

Brad: ‘Good noon. I’m Brad and she’s Kate.’

Kate: ‘Hi. I’m Kate and he’s Brad. Always, he prefers to talk and he shuns me from opening my mouth in public.’

Brad: ‘Kate, I didn’t mean that way’.

Steve: ‘Chill. Brad, you should never take away the freedom from a girl’s life just because she considers you more important than others. Pass her the baton in ice-breaking sessions instead of you wielding it all the time. It is one big thing that matters to a girl – her freedom in choosing and talking. This is the first tip to be a perfect lover.’

Brad: ’Yes, Steve. But what if she takes that freedom and goes to roam with her ex?’

Steve: ‘No, Brad. You are not the one who gives her the freedom. Maybe there are chances you take it away from her. Choosing between you and her ex- is totally her choice. Never doubt your partner. Suspicion ruins a relationship and this is my second tip for lovers.’


Kate: ‘Thanks Steve. He never treats me like a girl. He was the one who chased me, who did monkey stunts to impress me and now he thinks his football and movies are more important than me.’

Steve: ‘Brad, you chose her to be your partner in life and mean it when you say it. Please try to spend more time for her, because she is your soul partner. If you had wanted your bachelor privileges, then why did you entice her in the first place? Number three - never make your partner feel that you are  into a boring relationship. Give your partner a gift or a kiss or take him or her to a movie and always make them feel special.’

Love AstrologyBrad: ‘Special. When did she make me feel special? She does not want to meet my family and always jokes about my mom. ‘

Steve: ‘Kate, I cannot complain about his stance now. Every girl wants to be treated like a princess, but the question is whether she treats the guy like a prince? Make sure you respect him as much as you respect yourself. That is the fourth tip – respect your partner. And the fifth tip is to meet your partner’s family and friends and interact with them. ‘


Brad: ‘It doesn’t stop there Steve. She pesters me a lot and always calls me for petty matters. Can’t she put her shoes on her own? She needs me even for that.’

Steve: ‘Again Kate, men always love women who are independent. He may be there for you when you are in a problem, but not for problems that you can solve on your own. My sixth tip for you to be a good girlfriend is to be independent and show to your partner that you can do things on your own. But do not overdo it, you can call him to get some advice or suggestion that makes him feel special.’

Kate: ‘Advice. Does he ever hear my suggestion or advice? He asks me something and when I am about to say something, he takes his own decisions and cuts the conversation. Am I that dumb or a fool to not to be heard?’

Steve: ‘Now it’s time to correct yourself, Brad. Always seek advice from your partner and when I say seek, it means you don’t stop with hearing it but implementing it to solve your problems too. The seventh tip is to hear and agree. Never treat your partner as a dumb fool.’


Kate: ‘Also, he forgot my birthday. He never compliments me like he did before and he stopped being caring to me.’

Steve: ‘Alas, Brad, you can even forget your birthday, but never forget your partner’s birthday. It is the biggest sin for a person in a relationship.’ All three of them chuckled. ‘This is my eighth, ninth and tenth tip in this order – Never forget the special days of a relationship, always compliment your partner for her dress or for his work and never stop caring or showing your affection.’


Brad: ‘Yes Steve. I do realize my mistakes. I love her a lot, but there seems to be something that’s stopping me to say that to her.’

Steve: ‘Well, say it now.’

Brad: ‘I love you, Kate and I will never ever make you feel alone or left-out. I will be always there for you and I promise here that I will spend my time with you.’


Kate: ‘I love you too, Brad. Let’s go to your home now and I want to talk to your mom. She’s so sweet you know. ‘

Brad: ‘Do you remember, two years back, this day, we were on a trip to the nearby hills. That was really romantic trip.’

Steve faked a cough and said ‘That’s it guys. Meet me after a month and don’t forget my ten tips that will make you a perfect lover.’

Brad and Kate had then left the room holding their hands and smiling at each other, Steve remembered as the sound file stopped.

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