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2016 Virgo Health Horoscope

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2016 Virgo Health


The 2016 Virgo health astrology predictions forecast a weak digestive system. Read on to get your complete health horoscope.


Virgo is the ruler of the nervous system, intestines and the gut.


Healthy Habits For 2016: Virgos have the ability to worry themselves ill. When they are under stress they turn the difficulties on to themselves and immediately become ill. Those under the Virgo zodiac sign will have weak digestion and will suffer from severe pain, ulcers and bowel related illness in 2016.


Those born under the sign of Virgo are blessed with long life. Mercury the ruling planet of this sign also rules over the brain and nervous system. It also controls the mind-body function. Being physically fit, you can avoid many mental illness, predicts the 2016 Virgo health horoscope.






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