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2016 Gemini Horoscope – Yearly Astrology

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2016 astrology for Gemini predicts an interesting year. You will have the right balance of happiness and sadness thus helping you appreciate life.

2016 Gemini HoroscopeGemini career horoscope 2016 forecasts excellent growth in work and business. All your deals and projects will bring you immense profits. Good relations with colleagues and partners will help the Gemini sun sign reach your targets and goals.

Gemini finance predictions seem to be positive for 2016. You will make lots of money from your investments. Do not indulge in unwanted spending.

Geminis in love can look forward to an exciting and happening romance. Your relationship with your partner will only get better with time. Keep away from flirting as this may adversely affect your love life.

A short vacation or trip with friends will give you the terribly needed break. Relaxation of both mind and body is needed if you wish to become successful in life.

Relations with family and friends can improve. Do not get influenced by others but do what your mind tells you.


Health will be good apart from some minor allergies, cuts and bruises towards the end of the year. Do not neglect your physical regime or ignore eating on time.


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