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Pet Horoscope 2017 Astrology Forecasts

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Pet horoscopes can predict the good and bad things in your pet’s life for the coming year. Pets, be it cats, dogs or other are no less than babies and need your tender loving care. Know how to treat them well and understand them better with these free pet 2017 horoscopes for the 12 zodiac signs.


Wouldn’t you love to know what’s on your animal friend’s mind and be forewarned about the problems that he or she might face. Learn to love and respect your cats and dogs with the same love that they reciprocate.  


A pet horoscope describes how the year 2017, 2016 will turn out to be for your pets. Get free astrology predictions for your pets right now!


Aries Pet 2017 2016Aries Pet Horoscope

Aries pet horoscope for 2017 predicts an extremely active year for cats, dogs and other pets. Aries pets by nature are dominating and controlling. They are born leaders. They do not like being ignored and seek a lot of attention.


Aries pets may face some health problems in the middle of the year. But overall they will be enthusiastic and excited throughout the year. They love others and in return like being loved. Make sure they get enough space to run around be active.


Pet astrology for this zodiac sign advices you to pamper your little buddy. This is an excellent year to groom your pet and give him or her, a special spa treatment. Get your cat or dog a lot of goodies, treats and toys. You are sure to feel appreciated.  

Taurus Pet Horoscope 2017

Taurus pets are very independent and mature. So don’t try cuddling them or pampering them too much. Let them grow up in 2017. Taurean pets are very possessive by nature. So you can be sure that the moment your attention on them goes down, you will see a royal tantrum.


Taurus Pet Horoscope 2017 2016Taurus cats and dog can be stubborn and obstinate. But do not let them have their way else they might get spoilt. Be kind and loving but at the same time make sure that they learn their manners. With love and respect your pet will adore you and become your loyal friend.


Taurus pets are very tender and loving. So expect to have a wonderful time with them in 2017. They do not get into fights and are very gentle. Taurus pets might also fall in love this year. They will be playful and will become close to their masters in 2017.

2017 Gemini Pet Horoscope

Gemini pets are the most loving in pets of all the 12 zodiac signs. They will be very happy-go-lucky throughout this year and will make great friends. Don’t get too angry on your cat or dog if he or she makes a mess of the house.


Gemini Pets 2017 2016The 2017 Gemini pet horoscope predicts that you need to let go of your Gemini cat or dog and let him live his life. Do not be over controlling and at the same time make sure he or she knows who the master is.


The Mercury retrogrades in 2017 might have an adverse effect on Gemini pets. They might not be too friendly during those periods and may be moody and withdrawn. Do not indulge your pets or they might get out of hand.


But on the whole a Gemini pet will be full of fun and frolic in 2017.

Cancer Pet Astrology

Cancer Pet 2017 20162017 will be an emotional period for Cancer pets. The 2017 Cancer Pet Zodiac predictions forecast that they might feel left out and aloof towards the middle of the year. They might also need to be trained better this year. Obedience will not come easily to Cancer pets in 2017. So you will need to make some extra efforts.


If your dog or cat is a Cancerian, then you might have to deal with his emotions and mood swings. They will not be easy to handle during those periods. They might also become destructive and break or spoil things in the house. The best way to avoid this is to keep them entertained and active, so that they don’t get time to break stuff.

2017 Leo Pet Horoscopes

Leo cats and dogs are very passionate and excited by nature. The Leo pet horoscope for 2017 advices you to bring some stability in their life. There might be some emotional confusion that might make the Leo pets unmanageable at times.


Leo Pet Zodiac 2017 2016However busy you are, do not forget to take excellent care of their health in 2017. Their 2017 health horoscope predicts some ailments that can become serious if not treated on time. Mental and physical health is of prime importance when it comes to caring for pets.


Leo pets can keep you on your toes. If you are tensed or upset about something, then your Leo friends will definitely help you cheer up! They are hyperactive and need to be kept under control else it might become very difficult to handle them. They are extremely loyal and faithful but always need to be given a responsible task if you wish to get the best out of them.


Virgo Pet Astrology

2017 predictions forecast a very active year for Virgo pets. Expect them to go crazy and make you laugh with their antics. This is an excellent period for you to spend some special time with your Virgo cats and dogs. Plan a healthy daily exercise routine for your pets which will not only keep them energetic but at the same provide you with adequate physical activity.


Virgo Pet 2017 2016The pet horoscope for Virgo in 2017 forecasts that if the extra energy of your pets is directed the right way, they might become destructive, irritable and short tempered. Give them a lot of water and wet food. Encourage them to swim and run on a regular basis.


Virgo pets may get moody during planetary retrogrades. Try to keep them as happy as possible. Take them out for special outings; give them new toys and special treats. Playing with them will also be beneficial to both of you.

Libra Pet Zodiac

Libra Pet Astrology 2017 20162017 Libra Pet Astrology forecasts a positive year for Libran pets. They will be your best friends and be the most obedient and loyal friends. The Libran cat or dog will be in a mood for some adventure this month. So keep a close eye on them.


You may spend a lot on your Libran pet’s food, toys, lotions, soaps, creams and other stuff. Be sure to make a budget that you can afford. Also some family member might create some problems for your pets. Be sure to train your pets well in 2017 and they will be your best mates for life.

Scorpio Pet Horoscope 2017 204Scorpio Pet Horoscope Forecasts

The Scorpio pet horoscope for 2017 foretells of a very happening year for Scorpio pets. This is the right time to change your routine which you have been planning to do so for ages and do the same thing for your pet. Maintain a regular activity and physical fitness log and stick to it. You Scorpio pet or dog might become depressed or aggressive if he or she doesn’t have a repeated manner of doing things.


The Scorpio pet might act very difficult at times and it may become impossible for you to manage them. They are very affectionate and will do anything for you. So give them a lot of love and tender care. They will get along very well with family members as well and make everyone smile with their antics. The Scorpio pet is also blessed with very good perceptive powers. So listen to them.

Sagittarius Pet Horoscope

sagittariusSagittarian pets will have a great 2017. The Sagittarius pet astrology for 2017 predicts that this will be a very beneficial year for them and they will be full of energy. They will be healthy, fit, active and energetic throughout this year. Do not forget to give them some special treats for their excellent behavior.


Support your Sagittarius cat or dog by training him well and maintaining a regular routine. This will help them be physically and mentally alert. Expect to be loved and adored in return. It is also a good idea to pamper them with toys and bubble baths. Your pet will be your true soul mate and companion in times of distress.

Capricorn 2017 Pet Astrology

Capricorn Dog Horoscope 2017 2016Capricorn pets will have a fruitful 2017. The pet astrology predictions describe a wonderful year in terms of pet behavior, health, love and obedience. You cannot find a better companion than a Capricorn cat or dog this year.


Capricorn pets will be blessed with a positive attitude, friendly temperament and a sense of belonging and lots of love and affection for people who care about them. But you will also need to understand their emotions and help them overcome all mental obstacles with lots of love and care. A little bit of comforting and reassurance can go a long way in strengthening the bond between the two of you.

Aquarius Pet Horoscopes

Aquarius Pet Horoscope 2017

In 2017, Aquarian pets will be hyperactive. It is upto you to control their extra energy and divert it in a positive way. Do not let them get exhausted as this may spoil their health. It is a good idea to regulate their physical energy with a daily routine and at the same time make sure that they get enough rest.


Aquarian health too may not be very good this year. So take all preventive measures possible to see that your pet doesn’t suffer from some serious illness. Protect them well from sunstrokes and the cold.


You will also see the loyal side of your Aquarius pet this year. Do not forget their faithfulness and shower them with a lot of love and affection.


Pisces Pet Horoscope 2017

Pisces Pet Horoscope 2017

2017 will be a year when Pisces pets will love to be pampered and groomed. So get those bubble baths, shampoos, hair lotions out, nail trimmers, and make them look special. They will love all these beauty treatments and enjoy them to the maximum. Splurge on them and be sure to show them off. It is also an excellent idea to give them a special spa treatment.


Pisces pet zodiac for 2017 also forecasts that you might have some trouble understanding your pet and his or her behavior. With good care and lots of love, they will be able to overcome their fears and become your loyal friend. You just need to be patient with them and tolerate their bad moods.


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