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Animal Astrology Signs Revisited

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As discussed in the previous article: Popular Animal Zodiac Astrology

Animal zodiac systems are very popular all over the world. Let us take a look at some of the other popular animal astrology signs like Mayan, Celtic, Native American animal zodiac and other animal totems.


Celtic Zodiac Signs: Everyone has heard of the Celtic tribes who lived in unison with the forest. And it is natural that they would have treated animals as members of their own tribe. The thirteen animals in the Celtic Zodiac are Deer, Cat, Snake, Fox, Cow, Seahorse, Wren, Horse, Fish, Swan, Butterfly, Wolf and Falcon. Your character depends on which animal sign you belong to. If you are born on May 1, then you belong to the Zodiac sign Cow. As a Cow, you would be strong, loving, stable and sure. Also Celts have devised their zodiac sign based on the Lunar months.




Native American Zodiac Signs: It is believed in Native American culture that an animal is assigned to a person during his birth. There are twelve zodiac signs attributed to twelve months of a year. Otter, Wolf, Falcon, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker, Salmon, Bear, Raven, Snake, Owl and Goose are the twelve signs designed by the Native Americans. When you are born on November 1, then you belong to Snake zodiac sign. Most shamans of their culture were born under this Snake month. They are the masters in all fields and would make an excellent leader.




Mayan Zodiac Signs: The ancient Mayans developed a Zodiac system having 20 divisions and named an animal or natural element for each of them. They were Crocodile, Wind, House, Lizard, Serpent, Death, Deer, Rabbit, Water, Dog, Monkey, Grass, Reed, Jaguar, Eagle, Vulture, Earth, Knife, Storm and Flower.




Animal Totems: In addition to all these Zodiac signs bearing the animals to their name, there are also animal totem that was practiced in various cultures of the world. Totem is something that you would want to be identified with and animal totem means the same but with an animal. Suppose you find yourself too close in character with your house dog, then he is your totem. To find an animal totem, you need to study yourself first and then associate with an animal that behaves the same. You can find your animal totem when you go for a jog or when you are busy travelling to your work. Some people pray to get an animal totem and sleep so that they can see their animal totems in dreams. Most of the ancient cultures had people having an animal totem and it can be a wolf, dog or a cat. Also, it was believed that an animal totem is born at a person’s birth itself and it tries to communicate with him throughout his life.




So, after reading about the various Zodiac signs related to animals and also about animal totems, get a better perception of your personality from the different zodiacs.

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