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Egyptian Zodiac Gods For You

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Like the Western, Vedic and Chinese astrology Egyptian astrology is also a much-talked-about branch of astrology. Egyptian Astrology is as ancient as the Sumerian and the Mesopotamian civilization itself.


According to Egyptian astrology, an individual's personality is marked by the different influences of the sign of the god under which they were born. But not many of us have a very in-depth knowledge into the various Egyptian signs related to the Egyptian gods and goddesses.





Astrology - the study of predictive science is a varied subject. People from different cultural backgrounds, in different parts of the world belonging to different caste, creed, religion and race, follow different forms of astrology. Be it in varied forms, but astrology and the occult is followed religiously by almost 85% of the total population.


Even today, Egypt is considered to be one of the most important places as far as the development of astrology is concerned. Early Egyptians and Sumerians were easily fascinated by the stars. They were especially interested in the subject of astrology and their gods and goddesses occupied an important place in their daily lives.


Fascinated by their ruling gods and goddesses, the primitive Egyptian astrologers categorized their 12 zodiac signs symbolizing it with the 12 gods and/or goddesses. The Egyptians believe that a person's personality, his life and fortune is generated by the different influences, of the ruling god of the sign under which they were born. The god of the sign represents the character of the individual.



The native's behavior, his power and skills are also represented by the ruling gods of the zodiac signs. The 12 fixed god signs / zodiac signs as per the Egyptian astrology are, Amon-Ra, Anubis, Bastet, Geb, Horus, Isis, Mut, The Nile, Osiris, Sekhmet, Set and Thoth. Egyptian astrology is said to be one of the most accurate forms of astrological studies. It tells you about yourself and others in a highly precise and accurate manner.




In spite of being a popular choice of many, the Egyptian astrology does not really find much mention in the 'New Age' astrological books, journals or websites, except of course a very few of them. In the astrological blogs of several esoteric websites you will come across your zodiac signs and horoscopes as per Western or Indian or even Chinese astrology.


But what about the most ancient form of astrology - the Egyptian Astrology? How do you find out your Egyptian sign? Egyptian signs can be easily found out with the help of the new Egyptian software launched by several astrological websites these days.


A Egyptian Astrology Software determines your zodiac sign from your date of birth. It gives you a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to in the Egyptian zodiac, your lucky colors, scared animal, ruling deity, your role as a human being, your polarity, your appearance and also your level of compatibility with the other god signs of the zodiac. It is with the help of the Egyptian Astrology reading that a person understands his personality and improves himself for the better.

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