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2014 Pig Horoscope Predictions

Article posted on September 11, 2013 and it has been read by 27145 people

2014 Chinese Pig Horoscope2014 Pig horoscope predictions forecast that this will be a year of relocation and movement. Movement does not mean only travel but also in thoughts and activities. It will be a busy year, so enjoy yourself and do not let stress get to you.

Career horoscope for the Pig animal sign predicts that you might travel a lot for business this year. You might put in all your effort but a few projects might not be as successful as you had expected.

Money will be good this year according to the Chinese Pig 2014 horoscope.  But so will the expenses. Expect some unexpected expenditure too in the Year of the Horse.

Love and relationships will take a backseat for the Chinese Pig in the Year of the Green Wood Horse. Try to improve your communication with your loved ones in order to have a peaceful relationship.

Take extra care of your health. Not eating on time can have serious consequences for the Pig people.

The 2014 Chinese astrology travel forecast for the Pig people is that you will travel a lot in 2014. Business trips, family trips, vacations with friends will go on throughout the year.  


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