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Weight Loss And Astrology

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Weight ControlAstrology can be used to find answers to health issues like weight loss, depression and similar lifestyle concerns. One of the most frequently asked questions by the people who have faith in astrology is, is how can astrology help in weight loss programs. Experienced astrologers across the world feel, yes, astrology can help people in this field.


Most of the people in the United States face a lot of social factors, (time-starved lifestyles, high addiction to fast food and the like) that can make weight control difficult regardless of one’s birth or natal chart. Yet astrology does help in controlling weight. It has been seen that weight loss can also be controlled by the use of subliminal messages.


Astrology Signs

The rising sign i.e. the 1st house and the 6th house is the prime factors which helps an astrologer to identify your structural patterns in relation to your weight.  It is the 1st house which affects the overall vitality, health and appearance conditions; whereas the 6th house is related to health maintenance routines, nutrition, and also reflects some specific disease conditions.


You can use your sun sign in case you do not know your rising sign and the 6th house can easily be found out by counting round from your sun sign. For instance, if your sun sign is Aries then it is Virgo star sign which will be there in your 6th house.




ObesityIf the 1st house is occupied by the planets like Jupiter or the Moon, then the native is thought to have a heavy build. It is so because, Jupiter is associated with the expansion of all things, including the waistline. Again, if a native has Jupiter on the Ascendant, then it is believed that he/she will be interested in all kind of sports activity and exercise –and this can retard the chances of putting on too much weight. On the other hand, the Moon contributes to emotional consumption of food as well as a rounded body shape.


Again, Saturn in the 1st house contributes to a thin and slim build and in the 6th house makes the native highly disciplined, which is definitely very good for sticking to a proper, healthy, nutritious and a balanced diet and thus combat weight gain.  Venus in the 1st or 6th houses contribute towards a natural affinity and love towards fine food and a dislike of work outs and exertion; thus Venus can lead to weight issues as well.




As far as the zodiac signs and weight issues are concerned, Cancer as a rising sign leads to weight gain. The native of Gemini zodiac Ascendant or one who has a strong Gemini influence generally possess a thin and slim body with the ideal body weight.  At times Virgo too, has the same effect.


Some people believe that Pisces contribute to weight issues too, as people with strong Pisces influences are prone to eating habits which they feel, helps them apparently to relax in face of troubles and difficulties. The sign of Taurus which is ruled by the planet Venus has a tendency to prefer the sensual pleasures of consuming food items which are high in fat and calorie contents and thus leads to weight issues.


Weight Loss


Astrology can thus provide an understanding and insight, and may even suggest specific strategies to overcome weight problems. The points mentioned can be the factors in the natal chart to check to identify your own personal patterns.


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