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Traveling & Feng Shui

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Feng Shui TipsTraveling is a part of human life. You travel either for business or for pleasure. Whatever be your purpose of traveling, Feng Shui and its principles can always assist you in traveling and make your trip a success.


Feng Shui - the Chinese art of interior decoration examines the how the placement of things and objects affects the energy flow within your house. It also refers to how these objects interact and influence your personal energy flow. Application of Feng Shui in your hotel rooms can help you a lot while traveling. Following are a few tips which can help you enhance the energy within your room and make your trip a success.



1. Traveling takes you away from your friends and family circle. Feng Shui professionals believe that carrying small photos of your family members and bosom friends will keep you in your best spirit throughout your journey. These framed photos need to be placed near your bed or on your study tables, where you will be able to see them every time and be happy.


Feng Shui Tips2. Fragrance or aromatic scents are very important things to be carried. If you are used to using a room freshener or any kind of fragrance in your home, then you must also use it in your hotel rooms while traveling. This keeps away the negative Chi and enhances you body, mind and spirit.


3. 'Singing Bowl' is another necessary object that must be there in your packing bags. A small bell or even a wind chime will serve your purpose. These accessories are said to purify the energy within your room and helps in the flow of positive Chi.



4. While traveling we often halt in hotel rooms that use disappointing Feng Shui. So it is advisable to carry paper fans (like the ones which are used by the Japanese). This is so because fans are said to enhance the flow of positive energy within the room and ward off the effects of the disappointing Feng Shui used. It can also be used for improving the Chi in particular areas of the room as per your preference thus making your business travel worthwhile. The fan needs to be opened up fully with the curved portion facing the area that needs improvement.

Travel Feng ShuiSay for instance, you would like to leave an ever lasting impression on people you meet. In such a case you need to place an upward pointing fan in the fame area of your room.

5. It is also recommendable to carry your own pillow covers with soothing colors like yellow, red or pink. These are believed to balance the flow of Chi and also the elements in your hotel rooms.



6. Fire, metal, earth, metal, wood and water are the five elements which are taken into consideration by the principles of Feng Shui. In most of the hotel rooms you will however find the element of fire and earth are lacking. So while packing your travel bags be sure to include room decors of red, orange, yellow or earth colors so as to balance your rooms.

Keeping the above travel tips and mind and packing your travel bags accordingly can help you a lot while traveling. No matter in which rooms or hotels you stay, traveling will always be a success for you.


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