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Chinese Horoscope 2017 For The Ox Zodiac Sign

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Ox astrology for the Year of the Sheep forecasts a year of important happenings that might change your life around. Find out how with the 2017 Ox horoscope.


Ox horoscope 2017The Ox will have to be prepared for some significant changes in 2017 - Year of the Green Wood Sheep. If they try and buck against them they will only create more challenges for themselves. The Ox horoscope 2017 predicts that if they’re able to go with the flow, it will make things much easier in their lives.


The way the Chinese Ox zodiac sign approaches their career, health and relationships will matter a great deal, for there will be constant adversity for them in 2017. While some may want to try and control it, it will be easier if they allow themselves to be pulled with the tide. They won’t know it immediately, but by the end of the year some good will come of it.


Career & Business

Part of this busy lifestyle for the Ox will come from your job. The Chinese zodiac 2017 predictions forecast that there will be a number of opportunities headed your way throughout the year, whether it’s a new project or a whole new career. Though it will seem overwhelming at first, don’t miss your chance at obtaining greater happiness. Take the big risks now and the rewards will be even larger.


Money & Finance

It’s these rewards that will help to keep the people born in the Year of Ox animal sign financially solvent throughout the year. In fact, the Ox 2017 predictions foretell that you may gain even more wealth from an unexpected origin. While you may be able to indulge a bit on travel and other small things, it’s better to be frugal. With all the ups and downs you’ll experience, it’s preferable to have the savings.



2017 also makes people born in the Year of the Ox realize how important your relationships are to you, and if committed you will grow even closer to your partner. Your life has been a roller coaster this year and you will rely even more on your loved ones. If single, you will seek out someone who makes you happy in the short term. Emotions are running high, and your romantic life will get caught in the middle.



The Chinese astrology 2017 forecasts for the Ox predicts that while your health will be one of the ups, the health of some of your family members will be one of the downs. Make sure you take care of yourself while you’re taking care of others. As the year goes on your concerns will start to weigh on you even more which might compromise your physical and mental well-being. Be careful to get plenty of rest.



Besides the failing health of some of your family, other hardships will arise as well, forecast the Year of the Ox 2017 predictions. The family dynamic will start changing and you will be called upon suddenly to help with these developments. Plus, some of those closest to you will start to move apart. It’s time to decide who you want to spend your time with.



The Ox 2017 predictions suggest that a great way to spend time with your loved ones is to travel. Both business and pleasure trips will be available to you in the coming year, so be sure to plan some adventures. This is the perfect way to expand your horizons and get some much needed rest and relaxation whenever you can. You’ll be plenty busy and a change of pace will help tremendously.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. The Chinese horoscope 2017 for the Ox suggests that this is a great time to learn something new, so you can handle whatever is thrown your way. Work to further your education and you might be able to bring in new opportunities as well.


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