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Powers of Astral Gems

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After analyzing the horoscopes, the astrologers and experts express the good and bad, past, present and future events of human life. It is difficult for us to bear the pessimism with ease.


In fact, astral gemstones have effect on human beings to waive off the adverse effects from an individual’s life, provided the stones are real and have been suggested accurately.




  1. RUBY (Manikya): A precious stone. When used with gold, Ruby showers a beneficial effect on a native’s adverse thinking, loss of parental property, unnecessary expenditure and cruelty, general nature of men/women. Moreover if Ruby is used in time, disease, sorrow, pain, abuse, fatigue, weakness of mind, loss in business, trouble in services, delayed marriage and litigation in love etc are removed.

  2. PEARLS (Moti): Pearls are a type of precious stones which not only favors the native and removes the adversity of planetary period but also cures the multifarious diseases. Pearl has got the brilliance of a star. Moreover, with the use of pearls, family becomes filled with happiness. The human body becomes sober. It shuns out possibilities of widowhood in ladies and avoids stomach and chest troubles and complication of glands.

  3. CORAL (Pala): This is used for mars. Whenever, anyone suffers from chronic amoebiosis, injury by weapons, abscess, pimples, accident, loss of finance, bleeding etc. it can be used to get good effect in general.


  4. EMERALD (Panna): Whenever a person suffers from stammering, wicked, thievery, insanity, foolishness, cheating etc and has trouble of the heart, throat, suffering from hypertension, headache etc emerald waives off all such adverse effects.

  5. DIAMOND (Hira): It is no doubt the costliest stone just after Ruby. The use of diamond leads to gaining of energy, strength and power. It is also, helpful for sexual intercourse. Diamond helps a person to improve the quality semen and it destroys all sorts of diseases from the body and increases power, vigor, strength, attraction and controls the mind for enhancement of good mood.

  6. BLUE/RED SAPPHIRE (Neelam): In case of Rheumatism, epilepsy, physical distortion, insomnia, sufferings, death, quarrels with relatives and enmity, Sapphire can be used for better results.

  7. GOMED (Hessonite): This is the gemstone for Rahu or Dragon’s head. It is helpful for the propitiation of the planet Rahu.

  8. CAT’S EYE: This particular stone is suggested for the propitiation of planet Ketu or the Dragon’s tail.


Barring these gemstones there are various kinds of gemstones which also impart helpful impact upon the native. For example, we have Star Ruby, moonstone, Onyx, Topaz, Zircon, Opal etc. But it is always advisable to use gemstones sparingly.


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