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Chinese Horoscope 2017 For The Dragon Zodiac Sign

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Chinese Horoscope Predictions 2017 For The DRAGON Animal Sign




The Year of Water Snake 2017 horoscope might bring many disappointments for the Dragon. Overall, 2017 is a mix of good fortunes and bad misfortunes. Your good will might be tested in the upcoming year. You should be calm while facing difficult situations instead of taking any hasty action. This might bring back the lost peace in your life.


Dragon is an auspicious animal that is worshipped by the Chinese, so a person born in this year is said to be born with divine qualities. They are considered to be blessed and are said to be gifted with great powers. Dragon zodiac sign people have a magnetic charm and are always the star of all social gatherings.


The attitude of the Chinese Dragon animal sign makes them stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Being self-confident, they have an awesome sense of duty. Also they are considered to be the most unconventional among all the Chinese astrology signs. Al Pacino and John Lennon were born in the Year of Dragon.


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Career & Business:

In your job and business related activities, you will get unexpected support from colleagues and partners in 2017. You will need to keep your stress under control if you hope to complete your tasks within the deadlines.


Chinese Dragon 2017 2016Money & Finance:

It is a good idea to invest in the beginning of 2017 and then reap the results in the latter half of the year. You may come into money from some investments that you had made in the previous years.  


Love & Relationships:

In relationships, you might face many disappointments as well as lose many opportunities. The 2017 Chinese zodiac love horoscope predicts that even though you might meet someone you are attracted to, it might not result in a long term relationship.


Health & Well Being:

2017 health forecast for the Dragon zodiac sign is positive. Although no major ailment will affect you, it is a good idea to relax your mind and practice yoga.


Family & Friends:

It is a good idea to maintain good relations with your close friends. Emotions and sentiments might affect your decision making skills which in turn might hamper your domestic life.



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