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Leo - The Lion - Zodiac Personality

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The pure Leo is well known for his/her strong commanding personality and thus always stands out in the crowd. He/she either dominates or, if resisted endeavors to dominate, not being afraid to try a little bullying. A Leo is the pure extrovert, outgoing, sociable and a determining personality. They just love to be the life and soul of any party. Once the Leos are in a dominating position, they find it difficult to step out of the limelight.


Sexuality and Emotions:

It is a very rare case for the two Leos to establish a satisfactory and long lasting relationship, until and unless they are ready to compromise with each other. If not, then most times disputing over the fact, who will be the decision maker.





Leos are usually well known for being loving and loyal partners, provided that they make all the important decisions in the relationship. Speaking generally, Leo always loves to be the 'Sun' of any emotional relationship, with his/her partner being the Moon.


General Character:

It is very difficult for the Leo to accept the fact, that he/she will not be in a commanding position be it their home or office. He/she is genuinely convinced of having superior qualities than anybody else.


The wrong decision taken by the Leo at the wrong time and the wrong place hampers many people at a single go. The plain fact is that, the Leo not only believes that they should be the decision maker, but also that they are very good at it and are making the correct decision. Moreover Leos are basically very short tempered people.


Life Style:

Leos have ambitious and energetic nature. On occasion, they will wish to relax in the luxuries of life. Not getting the opportunity to relax, whenever they want, makes them irritable. Moreover, Leos are always confident, proud and egoistic.


In general, Leos are wonderful leaders and very loyal and faithful servants. Both in office and back home, Leo love being admired by people for whatever they do or say.




Career / Professions:

The ideal occupation for the Leos, are those types of jobs which requires and demands a great deal of energy, but in which there are intervals for rest and relaxation. On top of that, if the job profile allows the Leo to be in the commanding position, then he/she will make the best of it.


Leo jobs require plenty of high maintenance. The Leo personality is generally creative, dynamic and inspirational. They work best in a job with high profile position. Careers that involve prestige and status attract the Lions a lot.


Best Career Options:

1. Actors

2. Artists

3. CEO

4. Performer

5. Politician

6. Professor


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