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Cancer - The Crab - Zodiac Personality

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Cancer Zodiac SignThe psychological nature of the pure Cancer is rather like the physical nature of the crab - a hard outer shell conceals an inner interior that is soft and vulnerable to injury. For the outside world the Cancerians generally project themselves as hard and tough human beings; but for those who know them the Cancerians are gentle and passionate. Cancerians make very devoted and loyal friends and very caring and loving parents.




Sexuality and Emotions:

Beneath an outward aspect that suggests coolness, Cancerian men and women are known to have high sex appeal. The Cancerians were attributed to the element of water by the age old astrologers, but as far as their emotions are concerned the pure Cancerians are always in the extremes. The strong physical urge of at least some Cancerians are modified by their attachment to the home and those they know well. Cancerians do not have the habit of leaving their parents.


General Character:

Cancerians are known to have extreme mood swings of attraction and repulsion, elation and depression and optimism and pessimism. Thus one needs to be aware of the typical nature of the Cancerians. The first impression left by the Cancerians is often an unfavorable one. They never appreciate the emotions and the feelings of the others.




A stern practical attitude which lacks sympathy and empathy is something which is projected by the normal Cancerians. But as human beings they are the kindest, most generous and prospective human beings. Sensitivity is the keyword which describes the Cancerians best. They are prone to get easily hurt by others. As far as criticisms are concerned, the response of the crabs is very bad.


2017 Cancer HorocopeLife Style:

Home and the living environment is the most important aspect of the pure Cancerian. If he/she is happy at his/her workplace, then the workplace must acquire some of the characteristics of the home. In short, it is very essential for the pure Cancerian to feel safe and secure in the workplace and they just love the feeling of thinking of the co-workers and the other colleagues as a part of an enormous family. Provided the living environment is perfect, the Cancerians do not generally bother whether the home is somewhere in the countryside or in the midst of the city.




Career / Profession:

Security is the keyword for the Cancerian career. Any type of enterprise which demands the utmost loyalty from its staff and in turn endeavors to protect them from the harshness of the outside world proves to be the most admirable working place for the Cancerians. Their work life should not be boring. The Cancerians are a bit imaginative and they also tend to be shrewd and intelligent at times. They are always ready to work hard and meet the deadline provided they are given certain amount of freedom and recreational time. Working under pressure is something which the crab hates. They will lead or shoulder a certain responsibility as long as they feel comfortable in doing so. They always need to be under the impression that they are useful and needed by the organization.


Best Career Options:

1. Teachers/ Professors

2. Union Leaders.

3. Government officials.

4. Entrepreneurs.

5. Counselors.

6. Legal advisors.


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