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2016 Monthly Horoscope For Cancer

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Get free 2016 Cancer monthly horoscopes for the coming year. Know how the year will turn out for you with respect to romance, finance, career, jobs, health and domestic life. Find out how lucky or unlucky the months from January to December 2016 will turn out to be.


Cancer 2016 Horoscopes
January (2016)

February (2016)

March (2016) April (2016) May (2016) June
July August September October November December


5 Cancer May Horoscope 2016


May 2016 forecasts for people born under the zodiac of Cancer foretell that career issues will take importance over other aspects of your life. You have to just decide what you want in life and planetary positions will support you with the necessary strength and freedom. Do not be touchy about the feelings of other people and spend your time in enhancing your social contacts.


Cancer May Horoscope 2016 predicts that love prospects are bright for single people. New partnerships with influential people will be forged in the organization, and they are likely to last long.


Career astrology predictions show that you to have cordial relationships at the office. First half of the month is auspicious for launching new projects.


Financially the earnings will be strong but fluctuating throughout the month. Income will improve after 15th of the month.


Health will not pose any problems during May 2016 for the Cancer zodiac sign.


Family matters will be harmonious if you are devoted to your spouse and sort out minor issues with family members in the initial stages. Going out with family and friends will make it stronger.

4 Cancer April Horoscope 2016


2016 April monthly horoscope for Cancer sun sign forecasts a superb month. Some difficulties may crop up during the middle of the month. Your success should not make you arrogant and you should avoid all arguments with your colleagues.


Cancer career horoscope foretells a profitable and progressive month with your hard work being recognized and you will get financial benefits in your work place.


Financial astrology predictions indicate a very good month with improved income. Proper budgeting has to be done to balance your income and expenses.


cancer 2016 horoscope


April 2016 promises to be a highly romantic month for Cancerian singles and they will be able to develop new contacts and partnerships.


Health concerns will dominate this month. They are caused mainly due to stress and anxiety, and can be eased by relaxation techniques.


Family relations will be harmonious with couples having plenty of occasions to spend time together. Romance is in the air throughout April 2016.

3 Cancer March Horoscope 2016

March 2016 Cancer horoscope forecasts that your focus is needed in professional matters with domestic concerns remaining in the back ground. You are fortunate that things will happen with divine help and you have to exert little effort from your end. The month will see enough progress with the help of your social contacts.

Financial predictions for the month indicate copious inflows and outflows with enough money to invest. Taking risks will yield good results.


Career does not require much effort as thing will happen automatically and only you have to set your goals.


Love astrology suggests that unmarried persons are likely to get married. Singles will find their love mates at the working place.


Health will not pose any problems during March 2016. Keep your fitness in proper shape with enough breaks and exercise.


Family concerns will not be a cause for worry and enough peace rules in the family.

2 Cancer February Horoscope 2016


February 2016 will be a taxing time for Cancer zodiac people. There will be anxiety and hesitancy as things do not happen the way you want. Relax and go on vacation. This will allow you to think and make plans for the future. Be ready to accept new and unexpected problems. Deal with them calmly and in a pragmatic manner.


Cancer Love Horoscope for February 2016 offers new friends from the opposite sex for Valentine and you may even find a suitable mate for you.


Career predictions for February 2016 forecast that you will have the strength and determination to complete your projects. Do not rub your colleagues on the wrong side and seek their assistance to accomplish your projects smoothly. If you have problems with your present profession, just move on to a new job or career.


Cancer Health astrology 2016 foretells that this month will be troublesome because of the climate. Regular work outs and proper diet will help you to stay in shape. Take medical help promptly to avoid complications.


Family affairs require enough understanding of the sentiments of members and you should be prepared to accept changes in their lives by some members of family.

1 Cancer January Horoscope 2016

The 2016 January Cancer horoscope predicts that your family will need your cooperation throughout the month. Love and romance will be blissful for the Cancer sun sign. Friends and family will help you relax and keep your stress in control. There might be some issues at work. Finances might be strained. Overall health will be good other than some digestion problems.

Cancer ZodiacYou can expect to get some extra attention from the opposite sex. Singles in relationships will find their true love. You will be able to foresee between true and fake relationships.

Expect chaos in your career and business forecast your 2016 professional astrology predictions. But everything will be resolved to your liking. New opportunities in business and work will help your career progress.

Financial gains from salary and business will increase this month, but sale of property or gold will not get you as much as you expected.

January 2016 might not be a good time to travel for business but a short vacation with your partner could do you a lot of good.

Health forecasts for Cancerians predict an average month. Keep track of what you are eating or you may end up suffering from serious stomach infections.

Things will be tough on the family front. Think practically and make all decisions from your mind and not from your heart. Be the pillar of support for your family.

12 Cancer December Horoscope 2017


 Cancer ZodiacThe 2017 Cancer horoscope for December predicts a month of hard work and excellent results. Career will be hectic. Expect to work extra hours in order to complete projects. Love will blossom. Health will be good. Finances will increase.

Expect to find love in the most unexpected circumstances. Relationships and friendships will be initiated by the other person. Enjoy the feeling of being in love.

Career and progress in business can only happen with results and not by just maintaining good relations with seniors and partners.

The financial predictions for the Cancerians predict a wonderful and cash filled month. Earnings will increase and so will your investments.

Travel for business is forecast for the Cancer zodiac sign.

Health forecasts for December 2017 are favorable. You will concentrate more on your looks than on wellbeing.  

Misunderstandings between family members need to be cleared up. You will be able to put your thoughts across to your loved ones.

11 Cancer November Horoscope 2017


November 2017 will be a mix of tension and happiness for the Cancer zodiac sign. Career predicts a lot of tension. Finances might be strained. Partners will prove to be difficult. But things will definitely get better as the month progresses.

2017 Cancer HoroscopeLove horoscopes for 2017 November predict a demanding month. You might be more focused on your work rather than on your relationships.

2017 career horoscope for November forecasts a difficult month on the work front. You will be embroiled in office politics against your wishes.

Finance predictions for this month foretell an average month. You will be tempted to invest money in stock trading and speculation.

If you plan a vacation this month, you will have a great time in discovering new places. Business trips and official tours are best avoided.

Health will be good. You will be better inclined this month to start a healthy routine and control your eating habits. Regular exercise like walking, runnning or swimming will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Do not let any misunderstandings spoil your family relations. Be patient and hear people out before coming to your own conclusions. Parties with friends might be the highlight of this month.

10 Cancer October Horoscope 2017

October 2017 Cancer HoroscopeCancer 2017 October horoscope predicts some sleepless nights. You might have to face challenges both in personal and professional life.

Love predictions for October 2017 are excellent. Do not miss the opportunity to pamper your partner with candle night dinners and walks on the beach.

Leo career horoscope forecasts a hectic month with support from your colleagues and superiors.

Keep control over your finances. There will be some unexpected spending this month.

There is no scope travel this month for the Cancerians.

Health will be delicate throughout the month for the Cancer zodiac sign.

You will have not have much time to spend with your family this month thanks to severe work pressure.

9 Cancer September Horoscope 2017


September 2017 will be a busy month for the Cancer star sign. Career and personal life will require your total attention. You will need to balance both or else you might all sick.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope 2017Romance and love affairs will be top on your list irrespective of the busy schedule.

Career prospects are excellent this month. A new project or joint venture is on the cards and you will be given major responsibilities at work.

Financial horoscope predictions forecast a beneficial month with respect to income and investments. You will indulge in some luxurious spending.

Overall health is good but you will have to be careful when it comes to overworking and taking too much stress. Rejuvenation with a massage or spa treatment can prove to be beneficial.

Business travel will prove to be favourable. A short vacation with family or friends will prove to be enjoyable.

Take out time for family and friends as this will help you relax.

8 Cancer August Horoscope 2017


2017 August is an excellent month for the Cancer astrology sign with respect to career and finance. Love and relationships may get difficult. Health will be average.

Love relationships may be strained if you are not careful. Lack of time will make it worse. Make your partner understand your problem. Flings and affairs will interest those who are single.

Cancer Crab Zodiac Horoscope 2017 2016Career and work will be stressful in August 2017. Your sense of perception will help you in making the right business decisions. Success in career and job is forecasted for this month.

Financial horoscope for the Cancerians predicts that you will find new ways of making money this month. You will earn well through share trading and speculation. Put away the excess money in a safe investment rather than splurging it on unnecessary items.

You may visit friends and relatives for a few days.

The Cancer health horoscope for 2017 August predicts a lot of stress and tension. Strenuous physical activities must be avoided. Alternative therapies like body massages and reflexology treatment will give you a lot of relief.

You will want to spend more time with your family but this may not be possible because of your career.

7 Cancer July Horoscope 2017


2017 July astrology predictions for the Cancerians are very favorable. This will prove to be a good month for you since all your efforts will bear fruit in the coming months. Love, profession, finance will all yield good results.

Cancer ZodiacLove will blossom and you will spend quality time with your partner. Relationships will improve towards the end of the time. Patience is the key to happiness and true love.

The 2017 career horoscope forecasts that you might have some problems with your boss and colleagues at work but overall you will be happy with your work. Family businesses may face some trouble between the owners.

You financial decisions will help you make profits in both investments and other forms of savings. You will come into money from unexpected sources.

Travel and vacations to exotic destinations will make July 2017 pretty exciting. But do not forget to find out if it is the auspicious time to travel.

Health will need some attention but there is nothing much to worry. Your 2017 health horoscope shows that this is the right time to spend some time on getting a facial treatment.

Family and friends will keep you busy this month. Learn to enjoy yourself and keep stress at bay.


6 Cancer June Horoscope 2017


June 2017 for the Cancer zodiac sign will be relaxed month as compared to the last month. Though it will be full of changes, things will be much more settled.

Love astrology predictions for the Cancer star sign forecasts that you will need to have patience with your partner. You will need to take an initiative if you wish to see some action.

Career horoscope for June 2017 predicts that you would have fulfilled or be close to fulfilling all your targets at your workplace or business. On the other hand, you may also have to deal with a lot of changes on your job front.

You will need to take important financial decisions in June 2017 which you may have postponed in the previous months.

Travel for fun with friends is possible this month.

Overall June 2017 health horoscope looks positive but this is a good time to go on a diet after the hectic social life. Follow a strict food and exercise regime which will prove beneficial for you.

June 2017 is a time when you will spend more time with your family and friends. Astrologically this will be a hectic month for you on the social front.

May 2017


May 2017 will continue to be successful for the Cancer zodiac sign like the previous month. You will now have settled in your job and thus be able to spare more time for friends and family.

Cancer Astrology 2017Love and romantic matters will be good this month. You will have renewed trust and understanding in your partner.

Career predictions for the Cancerians forecast that May 2017 will be extremely profitable for all kinds of jobs and professions especially online business. All your hard work will pay off.

Finance horoscope predicts that there will be no shortage of money this month. You will be tempted to invest in shares, stocks and some other risky ventures. Be careful before speculating in risky schemes. Your current Karma will make you spend money without any reason.

A short vacation with friends is on the cards.

Health forecast for May 2017 is positive for the Cancerians. But take it easy and do not overdo. Exercising everyday is a good option to remaining healthy for the rest of the year. Also maintain a healthy diet.

Family life will be peaceful and calm. You will get the support of your family in all your activities. Give them space to pursue their dreams.

April 2017


April 2017 is one of the best periods for the Cancer zodiac sign. But do not get carried away with your success or you will have to deal with a lot of health problems.

Cancer Zodiac HoroscopeDo not forget your loved one because of your career and business commitments. Try to spend some time with your partner.

Career horoscopes 2017 for Cancerians foretell that this is an extremely favourable month. Make the most of it and work hard. Promotions and salary hikes will be on the rise. So be careful not to get into any kind of unwanted conflicts with bosses or colleagues.

Financially, April 2017 will be a good month for the Cancer star sign. Income and expenses will be high. Friends may ask for monetary favours. Do not spend money on luxuries that you cannot afford.

You need to take extra good care of your health as there are chances of you becoming a victim to stress and tensions. Anxiety and worries can spoil your health, so be sure to take the help of some alternative healing therapies like meditation, reflexology, massage therapy and other naturopathy treatments.

Travel astrology predictions forecast that you may plan to go on a holiday with close friends if you can spare the time from your hectic work schedule.

You need to mind your language when dealing with family and elderly people. Do not get into any kind of misunderstandings with parents or other loved ones.

March 2017


March 2017 for Cancer zodiac sign will result in lot of social communication. You are in great form to achieve your professional goals but at the same time will require the cooperation of friends and family. Financially too you will prosper.


Cancer love horoscope for March 2017 forecasts that love, sex and romance will take a backseat this month. You will need to have a lot of patience in dealing with your partner. Cancer sex compatibility too is at an all time low. Married couple will need to strive hard to make their relationship last.


Career astrology for March 2017 predicts that your professional success is on the rise. You may also change your job to a better one. There will also be a total change on your work front. Your thinking, job positions, responsibilities and goals will be totally revamped.


Good job satisfaction results and improved monetary prospects. This is the right time to make some sound investments for the future. Do not overspend. Do not invest in careless risky ventures.


You will be metaphysically inclined towards the divine and spirituality foretells the Cancer sun sign forecast. You will find solace in meditation, charity and serving others. 


Stress will be very high this month. Do not let emotions and anxieties affect your overall physical health. Exercise and meditate regularly and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Plan well in advance in order to reduce your worries.

February 2017


February 2017 Cancer Horoscope forecasts that this will be an excellent month for your professional career and put your life in order. But do not take unnecessary risks. Also do not delay in making important decisions. Take your time but come to a final conclusion.

Cancer Love HoroscopeCancer star sign are known for their loyalty and dependability. But the retrograde planets this month do not promise very good love and romance. But with good understanding between couples, Cancer relations will survive. Enjoy new love and sexual experiences but do not expect commitment.

Your earnings will improve this month. You may also get a pay hike. You may come into some wealth from professional colleagues, friends and family. This is the right time to pay off longstanding loans.

Business astrology predictions say that travel is on the cards. This may turn out to be very profitable for you and your company.

You will be blessed with good health. But like January 2017, do not indulge yourself and develop digestion problems. Do not let your work spoil your mental and physical health.

You family will provide you with all the support that you need to fulfil your dreams. You will also spend time in mediation and spiritual worship.

January 2017


The beginning of 2017 January may result in a conflict of emotions but overall the month will be great. You will have new opportunities on the job front. The Cancerians will need to be careful in the manner they communicate with others.

Cancer Monthly HoroscopeLove relationships will go to the next level. Married couples may need to make some changes in their lifestyle in order to maintain peace at home.

Career horoscope January 2017 for Cancer zodiac predicts that you will fulfil all your responsibilities on the job front. Your effort and abilities will be appreciated. Business ventures will start to materialize. Try to maintain good relations with colleagues.

You will earn well this month. Do not deal in trading or speculation as you may have to bear unexpected losses.

Cancer Health predictions are good. But stomach disorders may trouble you because of bad eating habits. Maintain a balanced diet to avoid falling sick. Be mentally strong since stress and tensions will be high on domestic as well as professional front.

January 2017 is the right time to take that long planned vacation.

Family issues may eat up your time, so avoid such trivial matters as much as possible. Do not get frustrated or anxious over some disputes.



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