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2015 Aquarius Horoscope – Yearly Astrology

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2015 horoscope for the Aquarius predicts a balanced year with both good and bad happening. Love might not be happening but your patience will pay off. There might be some problems at the workplace but this can be handled with diplomacy. Health will be excellent.

2015 Aquarius horoscope2015 Aquarius career horoscope forecasts that you will get promotions this year provided you maintain good working relations with seniors and colleagues. There might be some hurdles in business but these can be overcome with some smart thinking.

2015 horoscopes for finance and money foretell that your clever financial planning in the past will give great returns. Extra income is on the cards.

Love horoscope predictions for Aquarius zodiac sign show a good understanding when it comes to your relationships. Your moody nature might affect your partner. Sexual intimacies might be affected.

Relations with family and friends will improve through the year. Do not let misunderstandings crop up. Expect a lot of socializing towards the end of the year.

2015 health predictions are good. You will not suffer from any major illness other than minor cuts, bruises, cold and fever. Improve your immunity with yoga and other physical exercises like walking swimming, jogging.


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