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Effects Of Planetary Transits

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PlanetsPlanets and transits have always been associated with the astrological predictions for good and bad fortunes of mankind. Find out about the influence of planetary transits of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, & Uranus on our present and future.


There are around ten planets in modern astrology. Each planet has its own speed while travelling across the night sky. Each of these planets move through one of the twelve zodiacs at a certain time and when they remain in your zodiac sign, they can create few changes in your life.


Based on their aspect with other planets, they can have positive, negative or neutral influences on you. This movement of planets in your birth chart is called planetary transit. A planet can also cross another planet and this can also have influence on your life. Transit of planet on your ascendant sign can also affect your life.


Planets MotionThe transit of the inner planets in astrology is not considered to create much change in your life, as they perform transits once in a week or day. The inner planets move faster and so their impact on people would be lower. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars form the inner planets. Though their impact is very low, they are known to create few changes on a daily basis and this would not stretch beyond a week. These inner planets transits are not recorded much as it would be tedious to track.


Sun transits each of the other planets in your natal chart in maximum of two days, in which it would affect the energy, willpower and health indicated by the natal planets of your astrology chart.


Moon transits lasts only for a few hours and it affects the feelings and moods of the person based on the point of birth chart it transits (planets, houses or signs).


Sun Moon TransitMercury transit occurs every day or two and it has its effect on communication. When Mercury transits over Venus, then it is the best time for delivering a lecture. When Mercury transits over natal sun and ascendant sign, then it is a good time for buying and selling things.


Venus transit occurs for two days and indicates changes in love. When Venus transits Sun or ascendant sign, then it is good time to buy new clothes or to go for a personal beauty makeover. When Venus transits the mid heaven sign or Jupiter, it the best time to entertain.


Transit of Mars increases your energy. But since it is the planet associated with wars, transit of Mars can also cause accidents or short temper.


Saturn TransitThe transit of outer planets is considered to leave a profound impact on your life. These transits lasts for months to years and their impact can be found resonating throughout your lifetime. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto form the outer planets.


Based on the planet with which it aspects in the birth chart, Jupiter can bring about period of expansion, success in business, benefits and good favor. This Jupiter transit can take place for months and can bring bad luck if the aspect is not good.


Planets In SignsSaturn transit usually brings about bad luck for the person and its transit on any point of your natal chart can shatter the positive influence of that point. Saturn transit can last for a few years and bring ill health, loss, death and misfortune to the person along with loss of respect and degraded social status.


Uranus transit can bring about revolutions and upheaval and makes the person rebellious.


Neptune transit can cause hallucinations to the person and will change the state of mind to confusion and chaos. Bad aspect in a Neptune transit can result in neurotic, suicidal and mental disturbances.


Planets AstrologyPluto transit brings a major change in the person’s life. It marks the end of an old chapter and rejuvenates life. Pluto exposes our past and tries to recreate our past scenarios that might trouble us sometimes.


Apart from this, there is an astrological concept called planetary returns, where the transiting planet returns to the same point in the sky where it was at the time of your birth. Most prominent returns are the returns of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Each of these returns kick starts a new phase in the person’s life.


Effects of planetary transits on human life have interesting consequences. Take advantage of the good transits and avoid starting good tasks in periods of bad transits.







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