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Numerology For Your Baby's Name

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Parent Child Compatibility'What's in a name?' asked William Shakespeare. If you go according to the fascinating concepts of numerology, then the answer is - everything! It is through this magical study of mere numbers which help the parents to add a touch of spiritual magic to the life of their young ones.


Numerologists across the world have to say that each and every word in this universe has its own cosmic vibration. All words, including your own name and surname, have numeric vibrations which go a long way to reveal loads of fascinating information about you, your personality and characteristic traits, and much more.




Numerology is one of the ancient forms of divination; it is the study of ancient science based on numbers. This study of numbers plays an unmatchable role in figuring out a person's destiny. If such is the power of numerology, then why not use the cosmic vibrations and the powers of numbers to give an auspicious beginning to a newborn's life? It is with the help of numerology that you can choose an auspicious name for your little ones, a name with the help of numbers that portrays a combination of all the positive as well as negative characteristics traits of your baby. As such, baby name numerology helps the parent in choosing a name for their baby which ensures their success and well-being.


Child CareOne of the most important aspects of parenting is choosing a name for your child. It is so because when you choose a name for your newborn, you are somewhat creating his/ her future. It is the little one's name which is utmost important in influencing the development of your child's personality and destiny.





Steps of Applying Numerology to Select Your Baby’s Name


1. First you need to determine the name number of a possible baby first names coupling it with the child's surname. Name number can only be attained by using the full name of the baby. Each letter is assigned a particular number. Once the letters of each of the name alphabets are coordinated with the respective numeric values, a final name number can be determined by using digit summing.


2. If you want to get the name number of say Mary Smith. The corresponding numbers are 4, 1, 9 and 7 for Mary and 1, 4, 9, 2 and 8 for Smith. You need to add these two set of numbers: 4+1+9+7=21 and 1+4+9+2+8=24 and then add up the sum of the two sets: 21+24=45. Finally, sum up the two digits together: 4+5=9 and 9 is the name number for Mary.




3. Number nine has certain positive and negative vibrations. So have a look at the characteristic traits associated with the name number. Apart from the positive and negative personality characteristics, information on which people and places will be the most compatible and even lucky colors and gems are also provided.


4. After having a look at the number vibrations, now it is up to you to choose the name of your baby. For better results it is advisable to look for names which will derive such numbers which when added to the last name, derive an equal name number with the personality you desire.


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