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Aquarius Zodiac Sign - The Water Carrier

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Aquarius Zodiac SignAquarians have many things in common with the Sagittarians. They both love liberty, personal freedom and bossing over others. Their approach to life is very unconventional. Moreover, as a result of the humanitarian concern of the Aquarians very often they end up in trouble. The greatest problem with Aquarians is that they do not know where to stop.


Sexuality and Emotions:

As partners, Aquarians are very stable as well as reliable. A long term relationship with an Aquarian is worth living. The Aquarians usually love to live alone and they hardly believe in the concept of marriage or entering into a long life relationship. Family pressures and commitment is what irritates the Water Carrier the most.


Provided that the Aquarians retain a sense of freedom, he/she makes an excellent partner for any personality of the 12 zodiac who can cope with a certain amount of unpredictability and impracticality. An Aquarian is more likely to be concerned with the problems of others rather than his/her own problems.




General Character:

Most people take immediately to pure Aquarians. They may find their ideas a little off the track i.e. a bit idealistic and impractical. But basically, the Aquarian personality is preferable and attractive; their approach is friendly and they always look upon themselves as thoroughly nice innocent people. The pure Aquarians never live in the same world as the rest of us. Part of their mind travels in their world of ideals and as a result they are a bit indifferent towards the reality of life.


Life Style:

Aquarians do not believe in traditional methods. Their motto – stay off the beaten track.  They will go a step further and introduce a new system which will prove to be more tiresome and exhaustible. If the Aquarian life style or working is not followed, then they can easily become annoyed and irritated.


Aquarius zodiac Sign SymbolCareer / Profession:

The water carrier loves to be surrounded by a lot of people at the work place. They are the idealist personalities and love to work for the benefit of the average human being. Thus any workplace related to the greater benefit of the public at large such as non-profit organizations and trade unions are the best workplace for the Aquarians. Psychologically, they are very fast thinkers and love to take up new challenges and prove their ability.





They are very determined individuals and firm believers of their own ideals. Anything that is new, mysterious and a bit different attracts the Aquarians. At the workplace the Water Carriers want no boundaries to obstruct them, no boss to look over their shoulders and no colleagues to criticize their way/method of working.


Office of the Aquarians should be a cozy and comfortable with a clean and tidy working table.

Best Career Options:


  1. Professor/ Teacher
  2. Advisor
  3. Travel Guide
  4. Astronaut
  5. Consultant
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. Legislator
  8. Science Fiction Writer


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