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Astrology - Fact Or Fiction

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This is the age of scientific advancement. The opinions of scientists and the psychics always differ. Scientists say that prediction of the auspicious election or future prediction helps people in no way; while the psychics are of the view that nothing can be done without the predictions.



It has been estimated that approximately 75% of the population in the world today, follow astrology and listen to what it has to say. Since the ancient ages, humans have looked to the heavens for guidance. Astrology is nothing but the study of the correlation between the positions and the movements of the planets, the stars and other celestial bodies and events on earth.


It is the firm belief of the astrologers that the placement and the movements of the heavenly bodies - the Sun, Moon, and the nine planets of the galaxy, at the time of birth of an individual have a direct influence on his/her character.




A person's desires and destiny, his fate and fortune, his success and failures are said to be affected by the planetary positions and movements. However, the faith and belief in astrology and astrological sayings is experiencing a rising trend since the recent past. Horoscope reading and astrology are affecting people from all walks of life in their daily lifestyle.


A study of the past reveals that astrology came into being with the advent of civilization. It was the result of combining the ancient practice of observing the night sky with a magical view. The Babylonians were however the first to introduce the concept of astrology which was further supported Greeks.


Astrology can be used as a powerful and fun tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us. One can avail the services of astrology in different forms as well as in different fields in routine life. For example, it is of great use for managing health, business, and stability in business/professional career, enjoying marital life, solving problems of children, understanding your strength, aptitude, weakness as well as the favorable and unfavorable time frames during a particular period.




People use astrology in many different ways, from investing in the stock market, making business decisions, to analyzing political situations and social movements. The applications of astrology are almost endless. Thus, astrology, to some extent can definitely help people, make their lives better. For example if you are impatient or temperamental, then you may monitor yourself and exercise control over yourself.


Majority of your problems can be solved if you are able to exercise patience in your day-to-day life. However this is just an example and is not applicable to each and every person. Each person is governed by the planetary placement at the time of his/her birth and it through the astrological birth chart reading that a person's future can be predicted. In brief one can improve his/ her life style by utilizing the services of this science in a proper way.


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