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Karmic Astrology - Understand Your Current Spiritual Goals

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Karmic AstrologyDo you believe in reincarnation? Is it not nice to know that you have already been in this universe once long ago and that you have been reborn and given a second chance to experience life?

Reincarnation that is most commonly associated with the Indian religion is not always so. Even Christian devotees have been able to testify that when birth of a person happens, the time that the soul has spent living in the world is recorded by the position of the planets or their spiritual counterpart is being listed.


In Karmic Astrology, the soul’s evolution is the primary concern. The chart at birth serves as guidance to what may have occurred to you in your past lives. By trying to understand the karma of a person, taking the responsibility of the actions you have made in our lives would be easy to take.




What Is KarmaKarmic Astrology is considered a valuable tool to understand your life and assist in your individual spiritual progress. It helps you analyze your past life's mistakes and improve upn them in the current life.


Exploring the missing link between your past life and your current birth chart is the goal of karmic astrology. In the perspective of karmic astrology, your individual birth chart shows and describes the plan of your journey to evolution. It also shows where a person has been in his or her past life, where a person is currently in and where your life is heading. 


Through this, a person is assisted in understanding what has caused his or her suffering that is not outside of us. Although it is a common knowledge that we cannot control what has come to us in our past lives, we are always the individual authors of our realities. We can bring an end to whatever the control of the past has led us to and be connected fully to what our lives would be that have been intended by our soul for us.



Karma Numerology

The values and beliefs that you have brought from the past lives are revealed in Karmic Astrology. Solving your issues and problems in life through exploring your Karma history is a wonderful way of achieving peace of mind, being happy in life that no other things can do and especially improve your life to a quality that no other man can provide for you.


Knowing what your soul intends for you is a key to understanding your whole personality, how it came to be and what actions you can take.


Understand that our lives did not just happen in a flash of light but a part of a big grand cosmic evolution. Karmic astrology helps us understand and choose a better way of life for our next incarnation here on Earth by analyzing your good and bad Karma.

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