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Astrology Advice For Parents & Children

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As a mom, when you give birth to a child and look at your baby for the first time you share the happiness with your husband, your in-laws and everybody around you; in those times do you ever think about the struggles, the hardships and the different other issues that may crop up in your life because of the presence of the little one?


Did you ever think about the relationship that you and your child would share? Or have you ever contemplated the possibility that you and your child are here to assist each other?


If you have never considered these questions before, you need to do it now.


This is so because the parent child relationship is such a relationship that is decided by the individual souls of the mother and the child prior to the baby’s birth. It is a relationship that is quite complex and convoluted; it is one of the most challenging of all the other human relations on earth and gives us necessary lessons for our spiritual and personal growth.


As far as the study of astrology is concerned, the astrological chart or the natal chart marvelously illustrates the parent-child relationship. The holographic legacies of relationship represented by the natal charts unveil the dynamic stages of life, and also reveals both the happy as well as the sad moments that will be experienced by the parents as well as the child in their ever lasting relationship.




baby girlThe natal chart is nothing but an astrological chart representing the map of the human mind and soul; it provides us with the baby horoscope that can help us transform our lives for the better. With the help of this natal chart, parents can know about the energy level and pattern of their children and this can assist them in parenting children throughout their life.


Much can be learnt about the ways of parenting a particular child by the parents from their child’s discretion. A glance at the natal chart of the little child will help you explore the sacred realms of the child’s nature and behavioral pattern.




It is the astrological chart which contains the key ingredients like the psychological make-up of the child, their emotional natures, characteristic traits and also a bit about the challenges in the life of the little ones, their Karma and dharma, their healing abilities and the like.


All these things can help the parents and take them a long way in understanding their child and the role, which they have to play so as to bring up the little one under proper care and guidance. It helps them in becoming good parents and also in becoming a good friend, philosopher and guide.


All parents are blessed with a power of intuition that can help them detect the several intricacies and nuances in their child’s nature. It must however be understood that this study of predictive science is not at all intended to undermine this intuitive function. It is just a rich tool, a symbolic language, which assists us, a further bit in accessing the hidden desires of the child.


As the parents of a little child, we must understand that they too have their own life and their own path of journey. Parents are only there for guidance; parents cannot reverse the destiny of their child but to accept and embrace things as they come.

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