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2017 Forecasts For The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

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2017 Chinese AstrologyChinese astrology 2017 predictions for the 12 animal signs, forecast the fortune for 2017 -The Year of the Snake. Read on to know more about how lucky or unlucky this year is going to be for you.

According to the Chinese Calendar, 2017 is The Year Of the Snake! The Water Snake!

The Year of the Water Snake begins on February 10, 2017 and ends on January 30, 20014.

The Snake belongs to the fire element group. The year 2017 is also said to be year of the Black Snake. Since Black belongs to the Water element, this year is also known as the Year of the Water Snake. Overall this year will be slow as compared to the previous year of the Dragon.




Chinese Year Of the Snake signifies, year of all round steady development and progress. Pay careful attention to details because the keywords for year of the snake are Concentration and Focus which will bring you success. This year also predicts the need to be careful with finances.

The year of the snake will be challenging for people of all the 12 Chinese astrology signs. You will need a lot of patience throughout this year if you wish to fulfil your objectives. Secrecy and jealousy can spoil this year for you if you are emotionally vulnerable. Control your temper and do not be frustrated if you fail in your tasks.


2017 is the right time to concentrate on your inner self and spiritual growth. Your intuition and psychic abilities can be developed if you put your mind to it. You need to put in extra effort this year and adapt yourself to new situations.    

Here is the FutureSoBright.com 2017 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the 12 signs.

The Rat Sign

Chinese Astrology Predicts 2017 for RAT Sign Is a Year Of ACHIEVEMENT

Make the most of it!

The OX Sign

For The People Born under the OX Zodiac, 2017 Is A Year Of PATIENCE.

Be focused and your time will come.

The TIGER people will find themselves MULTITASKING in 2017.

Remain calm and don’t let the multitasking stress you out.

Next The Rabbit Sign

2017 For The RABBIT is a year full of STRUGGLES.

You could be closer to your goals than you think!

For The people born under DRAGON Sign, 2017 is Year Of HEALING.

Let your heart guide and heal you!

FutureSoBright.com Predicts That 2017 For The SNAKE People is Year Of WEALTH And FAME!

Remember This Is the Year of the Snake after all!

Enjoy your well-earned fame and fortune!

For The HORSE Chinese Zodiac Sign, 2017 is a Year Of CONFLICTS

So keep cool!

2017 is A Year Of GOOD FORTUNE For The SHEEP or GOAT People.

Travel for business is on the cards!

The forecast for MONKEY Sign says this is a Year Of CHOICES for you.

Choose Wisely!

A Year Of SUCCESS is Predicted For The ROOSTERs this year.

Avoid all kinds of arguments and fights.

Keep trying If you are born under DOG Animal Sign For this is a Year Of PERSISTENCE!

Keep a lookout for the right partner!

And Finally 2017 Chinese Astrology Predicts a year OF PROGRESS For The PIG Zodiac Sign.

Be shrewd in your financial dealings.



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Now that you have read about the 2017 prediction for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, begin this year on a positive note and follow your heart. If you do not know your Chinese zodiac sign, try the free online astrology calculator and get your results instantly. Get detailed predictions for this coming year with respect to career, love, health, finance, relationships and family.  




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