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Astrology To Determine A Woman’s Fertility Period

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Pregnancy And FertilityFor many women, fertility and pregnancy are vital issues. These days, women are either trying to conceive or experience difficulties to conceive or try to abort pregnancy using contraceptive methods which do not affect their health.


The results of a survey conducted by the Medical Associations reveal that till date, most of the women across the world uses the 'Rhythm Method' as a means of natural contraception; but unfortunately, many of them have experienced a high level of failure. As a result, during the last few decades, women have turned to contraceptive pills, IUD, and other modern forms of contraception.




Some feel that these modern methods of contraception affect the health of women adversely, while some others have simply found these methods quite uncomfortable and unhygienic to use; many others are also of the view that after several years of using these methods of contraception, when they actually want to start a family, they are facing innumerable difficulties and problems.




As such, once again women are looking for more natural and safer methods of birth-control. As a result of the research done using the lunar phase cycle, you can increase the contraceptive value of the Rhythm Method, or get extra help to conceive a baby.




Moon Phases

According to the research done using the lunar phase cycle, it was found that if you were born on a full moon, then each month you will be fertile on the full moon, (if of course you are physically capable to conceive). Furthermore, research has also revealed that the sex of a child, to a great extent, depends on the position of the moon during the cycle at the time of conception; that is, if the Moon is in a fire or air sign, your chances to conceive a boy is greater, whereas, if it is in a water or earth sign, then your chances to conceive a baby girl is greater. However, this information is not new.




A detailed study revealed that for many women, the time of ovulation and the lunar phase cycle do not always occur at the same time, and thus, for these women there are two times in a woman's monthly cycle when she may become pregnant. This very thing points out the failure rate of the traditional Rhythm Method. Even if a woman accurately points out the time of her ovulation, and avoids having intercourse during that period time, she is still prone to fall pregnant at the time of her lunar phase cycle. Therefore, working out your time of ovulation, based on the lunar cycle method, increases the reliability of your contraception.




Similarly, for women who are trying to conceive, using the lunar phase cycle will help them to a great extent in pointing out the second fertile time during her monthly cycle when she is liable to conceive. It can also help her to choose the sex of the child she wishes to have, which can be calculated with the help of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.


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