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Beliefs in Islamic Astrology

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Astrology is the most ancient of all sciences and has reached considerable perfection not only in India but across the universe. The Arabic term "Ilm-al-nujum" means Islamic astrology that relates to the study of the heavens by the ancient Muslims. But it must be remembered that Astrology has got nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs. It is just the study of human life in general.


Neither the astrologers nor the study of astrology claims to be the ultimate and final answer to everything. Though astrology can provide deep insights and clues to many things, there are also some other aspects of life to which the study of astrology cannot be applied.




As per the Islamic belief, "Astrology is the scientific study of stars for determining and fixing time division such as months and seasons and directions." However, in recent times things have undergone a sea change where the study of astrology is being perceived by some calculation and psychic senses, which determines the time of the day for chanting certain prayers and to perform other religious rituals and duties.


The Islamic leader - Mohammed has stated that the purpose of the stars in the heavens is to guide mankind in the correct path, to protect him from all evils and to steer anyone from choosing the wrong path.


"And the Sun runneth on unto a resting place for him. That is the measuring of the mighty, the wise. And for the Moon, we have appointed mansions till she returns like an old shriveled palm leaf. It is not for the sun to overtake the Moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit." (Surah XXXVI. verse 38, 39 and 40).





Allah advised his disciples to perform seven different duties on seven different days of the week. This exactly follows the principles of astrology. As per Hindu astrology the seven main planets ruling the seven days of a week influences control over their specific areas. According to this principle, Allah advised the following seven activities to be performed on specific days:


1. Saturday - violence and cruelness, ruled by Saturn, are good for hunting.

2. Sunday - It is auspicious to start building one's own house on Sunday - establishment and fame, ruled by Sun.

3. Monday - travels, ruled by Moon, is the best day to start a journey.

4. Tuesday - Hair cut and shaves needs to be done on Tuesday - hair, ruled by Mars.

5. Wednesday - science and medicines, ruled by Mercury, are good to start taking medicines.

6. Thursday - Religious activities - prayers and other rituals need to be done on Thursday - religious acts, ruled by Jupiter.

7. Friday - Marriages and love making for child to be done on Friday - ruled by Venus.




Now when Allah's guidance and the astrological principles are matched, then the relation between the two becomes very clear. Thus it is quite evident that the Muslims do believe in astrology and Allah has definitely advised His followers to do the right thing at the right time.

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