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Tarot Cards Of The Major Arcana

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There are many types of popular tarot decks. But the most popular amongst them are the Rider  Waite tarot cards. A deck consists of 78 cards.


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The Rider Waite tarot deck is further split into the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Read on to know more about the cards of the Major Arcana in this article.


The twenty two cards of Major Arcana and what they stand for are as follows:


The Magician is numbered 1 in Roman numeral and stands for the divine motives of the seeker/Querent. When this appears for a person, it means he/she has to tap their talents and skills into the quest they are up to. The High Priestess is the second card denoting a strong woman or presence of strong woman in man’s life. This card also signifies a secret kept hidden.




The Empress stands for motherhood and is the third trump card. The Emperor follows the Empress as the fourth card and stands as a symbol of power and authority. Next to the Emperor is the Pope, the fifth card, symbolizing Knowledge and Maturity. Sixth card shows Lovers and the meaning is obvious, physical attraction and love. Chariot stands for victory and pride, occupies the seventh card. Justice showing impartiality and intellectual analysis comes in the eight card.



When a person gets Hermit, then it shows that he is seeking inner search and remains quiet and in solitude. Wheel of Fortune signifies opportunities and possibilities, while Strength card shows inner strength and patience. When Hanged Man appears, it tells the person to let go of something and if Death appears, it means something is about to end. A Death card does not mean the person would die, but it predicts that something is about to conclude or some loss is about to appear for the Querent. Temperance shows the harmony present in the Querent, while the Devil stands for his/her self-bondage and self-blocks to growth. The Tower shows an impending crisis and Star speaks of calmness to the seeker. Moon and Sun show tension and optimism respectively, while Judgement stands for judging abilities of a person. The final card called World shows fulfillment and ends the tarot card sequence.




There is one card left, which shows the Fool. This Fool, which is an equivalent of Joker, stands for the number zero and signifies ‘nothing’.


Usually in a tarot reading, the tarot reader shuffles the packs and arranges the cards in different patterns, called Spreads. The most common spreads are the Celtic Cross and Horse-Shoe spreads, while other spreads like Tetracyts, Star spread and Astrological spreads do exist.




Well, now you that you have an ample amount of knowledge on the tarot cards and its history, why not approach our free online tarot reader and get a good glimpse of your past, current and what will happen in your future.

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