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Palmistry Can Predict Your Health

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Finger Prints PersonalityFinger patterns symbolize our basic characteristics. There are several other stress indications in the hand which can easily be interpreted from the finger patterns. For example, if you see innumerable lines on your finger tips, then it is indicative of the fact that there are a number of unsolved problems which are causing tensions in the person's life. The problem causing areas can be easily known from the fingers.


In practice, it is rarely easy to pinpoint the problem. It is not impossible but difficult to find out whether certain tensions and stress or acute illnesses are going to occur. So speaking very theoretically, if you find a certain thing in the positive hand i.e. the right hand, then it must be interpreted with the fact that it is just starting. And if it is only on the subjective hand, then you know that it is on its way out. The following are the emotional and health conditions that can be interpreted from finger patterns:


The Loop Pattern

These people have the advantage of being adaptable, versatile and expressive. They can very easily go from one extreme to the other. Both mentally and physically, they are very much unresponsive and unreliable as well. They can change their reactions for a specific situation within a fraction of second. Healthwise, this type of finger pattern expresses nervous problem, digestive weaknesses and trouble giving heart conditions.




Palm Reading AnalysisThe Arch Pattern

The owners of these fingers are rather serious type of people and intense too. They find difficulty in expressing their inner thoughts, needs, wants and desires. As a result very often these people are found to suffer from emotional repression and psychosomatic problems. By nature they are very secretive and suspicious and have a tendency of keeping everything to themselves. They are creative individuals and physiologically, they are likely to have digestive troubles.


The Tented Arch Pattern

Highly strung and idealistic, the owners of these fingers are highly sensitive and emotional. It is very hard for them to control their emotions and reactions. They are very much impulsive and find that their ideals disappoint them the most. As far as health is concerned they are prone to nervous problems. As they lack self confidence and determination, they should never have too many problems in hand to solve.




The Composite Pattern

Here there are twin loops opposing one another. Psychologically, these people are open to different new ideas and concepts. But very often they are found to suffer from inner conflict and self doubts. Fortunately, as they are practical minded and logical people, so they resolve all problems by their practical means. At times they can be very resentful and repressive. Healthwise this pattern indicates to general toxic conditions.


The Whorl Pattern

These people are intense, fixed, determined and individualistic with a tendency to unconventionality. They are very careful and guard all their activities. They can never communicate their deep feelings to others. They tend to be rather slow in responding to situations and are rarely adaptable. Healthwise this pattern predisposes to digestive problems, nervous breakdown and faulty heart conditions.




Health ForecastThe Compound Pattern

The combination of all the above finger patterns leads to a compound pattern. In this type there is a little whorl within a loop, along with the arch type pattern. People with these types of fingers are generally very practical minded individuals. They have a sense of humor, charm and diplomacy- all combined together.


 If the loop containing the whorl is found to be on the third finger, then it is said to protect the individual from all dangers. Healthwise there is a predisposition to get easily affected by normal cold. Apart from this compound pattern fingers indicate nervous problems, weak heart and digestive troubles.


It should be remembered that these are mere predispositions and do not necessarily have to be there in an individual who looks quite healthy. Moreover, there are many such health conditions which can be easily seen on the hand, if you know the right place to look for it. This can help you go in the right direction as to what is ailing you. However, a palmistry analysis can never provide you with the exact remedy for your problem, for which it is very necessary to consult a physician.


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Sreenivas Desabhatla
Usually all the fingers of the ten fingers does not have a single pattern. The majority of 6 or more can be taken to represent a single type of person as a general rule. But can be modified withe the planets representing these fingers.