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Effect Of Colors On Business

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Suppose you are the entrepreneur of a small business. Being a business owner, do you have any idea about the effects of the color for your business? Color in businesses is one of the most important factors to be considered to keep your venture running successfully. Know and understand whether the colors of your business are high in spirit, whether it initiates a buying spree within your customers or whether it provides the customers a wrong insight about you and your company.


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Color usage and its underlying meaning reveal your race, caste, creed, gender, culture and even your age. So while selecting suitable colors for your business do not restrict your thinking to your personal likes and dislikes; selecting the colors should also depend upon your target group of customers.


For example, white is the color of death and mourning for the natives belonging to the eastern culture, whereas, it signifies innocence and is treated as a wedding color by the people of North America. Again, black is a color of elegance for the easterners, while it is a mourning color for the westerners. Thus, an exporter of black wedding dress would experience drastic loss in his business in no time.


These days we recognize large brand companies by their corporate colors. For instance, the red color of Eveready batteries indicates power, the orange streak used in Tide detergent signifies vibrancy and a playful life, the blue color of IBM signifies stability and royalty and so on.


Based on the North American business and marketing cultures, the following are the effect of the different colors related to sales and marketing:




1. White: White symbolizes purity, prosperity, youthfulness and cleanliness. It is such a color which includes the spectrum of all others hues in the color family. White being a neutral color implies purity in fashion world and indicates sterilization as far as the medical profession is concerned.


2. Red: Red symbolizes power, danger, excitement and passion. This is the color, which demands attention and causes the heart to beat fast and even raises the blood pressure. So if you want to induces a sense of excitement in your brand and attract the target audience, then red is possibly the best color to be used.


3. Blue: Blue symbolizes loyalty, royalty, trustworthiness and peacefulness. This is one of the most popular and globally accepted colors. So, if you want to build up customer loyalty, then blue is one of the safest choices.


4. Black: Black symbolizes power, elegance and to some extent, secrecy. This is the color, which can help a businessman target the ‘high-end’ market. Moreover, it is also a preferred color for youth marketing. If you want to add a sense of mystery to your product, then it is advisable to use black.


5. Orange: Orange symbolizes energy, vibrancy and playfulness. If you want to lend a lively spirit to your company, create a fun and playful environment, then a streak of orange is the best thing to add.


6. Purple: Royalty, wisdom, knowledgeable and celebration is indicated by purple. Using this as your business color gives a tone of aristocracy and premium service to your business.


7. Green: Green is natural, healthy and abundance. If you want to create a cooling and a calming effect on your customers, then go for green.


Each and every color has a specific meaning. Now which color is interpreted in what way, solely depends upon the observer. Thus on the basis of the above discussion, try and choose the perfect winning color for your business and attract more and more customers.



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