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2017 Food Horoscopes

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Get free food and diet advice for 2017, 2016 with these free online food horoscopes. Find out about the favorite dishes for the 12 zodiac signs and the right recipe that will turn them on! The 2017 food horoscope will help you keep a tab on your diet by guiding you in planning the right menu.


Food Horoscope


Know what foods can help you or harm you in the coming year depending on your zodiac health predictions. Find out more about the healthy diet that you should follow and the harmful foods that you should avoid.


Eat and drink the right way in 2017 and be blessed with good health! Plan your menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the days in 2017 right now!


Aries Food Horoscope

Aries Food Horoscope 2017 2016Aries food horoscope predicts that the Arians will live like a king this year. You will be in a mood for celebrations and will not worry about the after effects of rich spicy food. Aries will love to gorge on different kind of desserts in 2017.


Aries astrology predictions also forecast that you will need to maintain a budget for your daily intake of food. The Aries 2017 money horoscope predicts a tough year, so plan your cooking in advance and cook for a week to cut costs but not at the cost of nutrition. Try different combinations of sandwiches mixed with different salads and green vegetables to make your diet healthier.


Aries zodiac sign will be very active and physically fit in 2017. So try to include a lot of proteins and calcium in your diet. This will also reflect favorably on your personal and professional life.

Food Horoscopes For Taurus

Taurus Food Horoscope 2017 2016Taurus zodiac people will be partying throughout this year. Your love for cooking and feeding people will take a backseat this year. You are in a mood to try out new types of cuisine and experiment with food. Maybe it isn’t a great time to eat outside food, since it may adversely affect your health, but that won’t stop you.


Keeping in mind the Taurus health horoscope for 2017 it is also a good idea to start your day with a nutritious healthy porridge that will keep you energetic throughout the day. Also try to include basil and other similar herbs in your diet, which have medicinal value.


2017 Gemini Food Horoscope

Gemini Food Horoscope 2017 2016Gemini 2017 food horoscope predicts that the Geminis will be health conscious in 2017 and will be very eager to lose weight. So this is the year for energizing drinks and fruits, green salads and everything nutritious.


Gemini sun sign will also try to experiment with spices in their diet. A little bit of chili, jalapeño and peppers in your food will add extra flavor to the diet that you are already following. This will also keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like stress, diabetes, cholesterol or mental disorders.


People who love fish can eat tuna, which is good for health. Sprouts which have a lot of protein included in the diet too will help you in weight loss.


Cancer Food Horoscope

Cancerians will try out really weird combinations when it comes to food in 2017. So don’t be surprised if you start craving for burgers with ice creams.


Cancer Food Horoscope 2017 2016Cancer food astrology also predicts that in 2017 Cancerians will be very emotional and thus indulge in cakes, pastries and sweets. This may not be very good for your weight, but will definitely make you feel better.


Work and career too will be hectic for the Cancer zodiac sign in 2017. So it is advisable that you build up your energy by eating lots of proteins and energizing drinks. You can even make your food tastier by using lemon juice, chili sauces, garlic and ginger. Try new recipes that will give a new twist to your daily menu.


Fruits like melons and vegetables like cucumbers will help you cut down stress and water retention. Use culinary herbs like basil, green onions, parsley, thyme, rosemary and coriander which have therapeutic properties will enhance the flavor of healthy cooking. Also spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, carom seeds, anise, avocado, fenugreek, caraway, cilantro, paprika will provide an extra zing to your food.


Food Horoscope For Leo

Leo Food Horoscope 2017 2016Leos will tend to go on a diet in 2017. Leans meats and vegetables will make a good combination. Fruit salads that are high on energy will keep you active throughout the day.


In the second half of 2017 you will be invited to many parties where you will need to control your diet. Eat a healthy breakfast rich in iron, minerals and calcium. This will also give you beautiful skin in additional to being nutritious.


Leo sun sign people will need to experiment with food in 2017. This will be a very busy year for you astrologically, so learn to adapt to new menus from all around the world. Trying out new cuisines and recipes too will prepare you for the unexpected. Spices and herbs will enhance your food. Your 2017 diet astrology also predicts that you are in the mood to try new martinis and wines.


Virgo Food Horoscope 2017

Virgo Food Horoscope 2017 2016Virgo zodiac sign will indulge themselves in 2017. It would be good idea not to take too much of calorie filled alcohol. Instead go for red wine.


Virgoans by nature are conservative and when it comes to food; your tastes too are traditional. You are not the kinds to try new recipes and cuisines but prefer to stick to your steaks, salads and stuffed peppers.


The food astrology predictions 2017 for this zodiac sign predict that you will definitely try to enhance the flavor of your recipes with exotic herbs and spices. You will also definitely stick to smoothies and milk that keep your stomach full throughout the day.


If you are suffering from insomnia or anxiety disorders, it is a good idea to eat some cherries that may soothe you to sleep.


Libra 2017 Food Horoscope

Libra Food Horoscope 2017 2016Librans love their desserts but it is a good idea to replace sugar filled buns and sweets with almonds, cashews and dates.


Also the Libra food horoscopes advice you to eat healthy everyday. It is a good idea to introduce a lot of lettuce, green leafy vegetables in your diet that will help maintain your ideal body weight.


On one hand you might be tempted to eat your share of cakes, pastries and other calorie rich junk food, but you can reduce the unhealthy effects by eating fruits like apples, papayas, melons that are quite filling but low on calories. A salted lemonade everyday too can help you with digestion.


Scorpio Food Horoscope

Scorpio Food 2017 2016The Scorpio will opt for a healthy and fat free diet in 2017. You will eat a lot of colorful fruits, salads and juices. Organic unprocessed food too catches your fancy. Olive oil in your diet will provide you with extra energy. Salami sandwiches with mustard, mayo or cheese will be your comfort food in 2017.


In the beginning of the year your social appointments will bring you across a wide variety of lavish food. From white wine, shallots to oysters, you would have tried them all.


In the second half of 2017, depression and emotional stability may plague the Scorpio. This might make you indulge in unhealthy junk food like pizza, burgers, colas, tacos. Try to avoid going into a phase where you wish to keep away from people.


Sagittarius Food Horoscopes

Sagittarius Food 2017 2016Sagittarians may tend to resort to a lot of junk food because of stress. Avoid all the unhealthy food and try eating chicken, steaks and some nutritious meat.


You will also like to try your hand at cooking some unique new recipes. Meat dishes with spicy sauces might be a good place to start. Go easy on the butter.


Sagittarius food tastes in 2017 will depend on your current phase in life. The good or bad times will be reflected in your choice of food. When stressed, you will resort to overindulgence of junk food. When in a good mood, you will stick to healthy nutritious balanced food. It is also a good idea to include herbs and foods with medicinal properties in your diet.


2017 Capricorn Food Horoscope

Capricorn Food Astrology 2017 20162017 will be a busy time, predicts the Capricorn career horoscope. Easy and fast to make recipes will be your priority this year. Cold wraps and sandwiches will be your best choice of diet. Include foods rich in fiber, calcium, iron and minerals in your diet to help you be energetic and full of life.


Work, finance and love will all be in place for the Capricorn astrology sign. You will be relaxed and thus want to experiment with some cooking at home. Easy to make simple recipes that are high on taste and nutrition value will be on the menu. Mushroom chicken with side vegetables will make your mouth water.


Baking will catch the eye of the Capricorn zodiac sign in 2017. This is the time to try your hand at making those yummy cakes, pastries and cookies.


2017 Aquarius Food Astrology

Aquarius Food Horoscope 2017 2016The 2017 Aquarius food horoscope predicts that this year you will want to spice up your food. Try out different kinds of sauces and side dishes that can make your food more appetizing.


Work and career may cause some tensions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will take a backseat. Do not neglect to eat, so it’s a good idea to carry your own lunch to work. Salmon sandwiches with some salad will make an ideal meal.


Including different fruits and vegetables in your diet too is not a bad idea. Seasonal fruits like blueberries, strawberries and cherries that are high in Vitamin C will be excellent addition to your daily intake of food. You may also opt to give up wheat, oats and go on a gluten free diet.


Pisces Food Horoscope

Pisces Food Horoscope 2017 2016The Pisceans will want to try out different kinds of food like Lebanese, Mediterranean, Persian, Indian, Filipino. See what seems most delicious to your taste buds.


2017 is also the time to indulge for the Pisces star sign. Food astrology predictions for the Pisces includes cheesy, buttery recipes like casseroles that are high on calories but delicious to eat. Try to eat other fish recipes on a weekly basis to keep your body physically fit.


If you are fond of sandwiches, then experiment with them on a daily basis so that you don’t get bored of eating the same food. Be it chicken, salmon, cheddar or bacon sandwiches keep changing the flavorings to get a new taste.


Food Astrology Forecasts For 2016, 2017 Coming Soon!




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