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Tea Leaf & Coffee Cup Fortune Predictions

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Tea Leaf ReadingFortune telling using tea leaves (tasseography) or coffee beans (coffee cup reading) has been one of the most popular forms of divination since time immemorial. Let’s read on to know more about these fantastic forms of future prediction.



Tasseography (Tasseomancy) or tea leaf reading is a method of fortune telling in which tea leaves pattern inside a tea cup is read. When someone visits you to have their fortune read, you can provide them with hot tea with floating leaves. Then tell them to drink it up till the end and turn over the remaining tea to the saucer. After letting the fluid go, invert the tea cup and keep it with the handle facing you.


Now read whatever that is on the left side of the cup as person’s past and on the right side of the cup as the future. If you spot a boat in the dried tea leaves pattern, it means a friend will visit your friend.  And if you see a clock, it means better health for your friends. But more than these patterns, it needs certain psychic powers to perform tea leaf reading.


Different patterns formed on the tea cup have different significance. You can try the online tea leaf or tea cup reader to get instant fortune predictions.


Coffee Reading


Coffee Cup Fortune Telling Divination
Have you come across a person, who is a specialist in coffee reading? No, not reading the paper with a coffee mug in hand. This is a method of fortune telling in which a person reads the pattern formed by the coffee powder deposits on the inner sides of the mug. A coffee cup reader prepares a Turkish coffee for you and tells you to sip it leisurely. Then after, your coffee is done, she grabs your coffee mug and starts reading the patterns formed in it.


The fortune teller says there is a butterfly pattern being observed which signifies that you are flirting with someone. You agree to that. She continues that she could spot squares and predicts that you will be having a new home soon. You now get excited.


Then she tells about a ladder spotted in the inner side of coffee mug, formed by the deposits. She asserts this as a symbol of promotion. You now punch your hand in the air upwards. What had been told to you by her is the method of fortune telling called Coffee reading. It was started in Europe three centuries back and is practiced by psychics across Europe. All you need is have some intuition about what is about to happen and look at the coffee patterns in the dried cup with utmost concentration.


Now, why don’t you try these divination applications and get instant answers about your fortunes?





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