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Chinese Horoscope 2014

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Chinese Horoscope 2014Accurate Chinese Zodiac 2014 Horoscope forecasts how the year will be for the 12 Chinese astrology signs. If you wish to know how you will fare in the coming year, then wait no more! Get free Chinese horoscopes for 2014 and know more about this Chinese New Year will turn out for you?


2014 - The Year Of The Water Snake or Black Snake is supposed to be a year of good luck and fortune for people under all Chinese zodiac signs. The Chinese zodiac year 2014 begins on 10th February 2014 and ends on 30th January 2015. In this year, the Chinese Horoscope 2014 predicts that you will achieve all your goals and you will be blessed with loads of luck!


Chinese Horoscope 2014

Chinese Astrology revolves around twelve animals. These twelve animal names are given for each year and also for month, day and hour. The twelve zodiac animal signs followed by the Chinese are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. These animals are arranged in the same order as given above while being used to name the years.


For example, if the year 1988 was the Year of Dragon, then 1989 would be Year of Snake. For each ensuing year, the next animal would be assigned as the Year animal and when it reaches Pig, then Rat would be assigned for the next year. Again there would be an associated element, taken from the four basic elements – Wood, Fire, Water and Metal.





2014 Year Of The SnakeThe animals in odd sequence are Yang signs, while the ones in even sequence are Yin signs. Based on this combination, the predictions for a person are made, taking into account his birth animal sign. Please note that the Chinese new year for the year 2014 starts on February 10, 2014.


Year 2012 was the Dragon year and so year 2014 would be Snake year. And this time the element to be taken is Water and so people will call the year as Year of Water Snake. Let us take a look at the 2014 Chinese horoscope as to how each animal sign will fare in this year of snake – 2014. Read on to get the astrology predictions for the 12 animal signs for the year 2014. Know more about the Chinese zodiac compatibility between the 12 zodiac signs.


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The Rat:

Rats are very busy creatures. They never settle at one place and keep on going from one location to other looking for food. So are the people born in the rat year, they never settle in one work. They are prone to get disturbed and so they should always try to concentrate on one work. The year 2014 would be a year of achievement for them only if they remove all negative thoughts and concentrate on one single area. They will have obstacles but a firm heart and helping friends can make them successful.
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Chinese OxThe Ox:

The year 2014 will test the patience of people born in Ox years. You will have favorable events but you need to be careful in handling them. You should be patient while in a fight and not burst out. Ox people are known to hold secrets, but too much hiding can tamper relationships. Overall, Chinese astrology 2014 for the Ox says that tis zodiac sign will have fewer obstacles for ox people and would be a good year.
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The Tiger:

People born in the Tiger year always concentrate on the task at hand, but this year 2014 will make them to multi-task. You will see some satisfactory growth and can predict future events. You will build good contacts and good financial solutions. Tiger is known for its aggressiveness and so, people born in Tiger year need to control their temper. Failing to do so might weaken their relationship.
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The Rabbit:

This 2014 year would bring some struggle to the people born in Rabbit year. Horoscope 2014 suggests that they should avoid being overconfident and use patience to handle the hard scenarios they might face this year. They need to stay alert and can expect some hostile conditions from their enemies.
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Chinese DragonDragon:

Year of Water snake might bring many disappointments to people born under the Dragon sign. They should maintain peace while facing hard situations instead of complaining about it. They are advised to reduce harshness and give a polite response to lower their struggles this year. Help might come from a secret friend.
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The Snake:

2014 is the year of Snake and so a person born in Snake might come to fame this year. Their whole potential will be shown to the world and they will enjoy a lot of limelight. Even though there might be adverse situations, their luck will protect them.
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Chinese Zodiac Signs



Chinese HorseThe Horse:

People of the Horse sign should take immense care while starting some risky work, because they might face a lot of problems if in case something goes wrong. If they remain smart and ignore the negative vibes, they can achieve success this year.
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The Sheep:

Even though the year 2014 predicts minor threats for the Sheep, their overall position will be good and their desires will be fulfilled. All their problems will get solved automatically.
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The Monkey:

People born in the Monkey year should be careful in the year 2014, as they might face hostilities because of it. Chinese zodiac 2014 advices The Monkey sign to avoid gossip or negative thoughts and work hard to achieve success.
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The Rooster:

If people born in the year of Rooster keep their mind sharp and strive a little, they can achieve a lot in 2014. They will have internal support from their family as well as from friends.
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Chinese Dog ZodiacThe Dog:

Though disappointments might be around this year for people born in year of Dog, they should strive and keep up their pace in putting efforts to achieve success.
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The Pig:

Though the year 2014 predicts misfortune and losses for the people born in year of Pig, their health and financial conditions will be stable. If they keep on putting in hard work, they can achieve a lot this year.
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2014 Chinese Horoscope - Rat OX 2014 Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2014 Chinese Horoscope Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2014 Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2014 SNAKE Chinese Horoscope 2014
The Rat The Ox The Tiger The Rabbit The Dragon The Snake
Chinese Horoscope 2014 Horse 2014 chinese zodiac horoscope Sheep Monkey 2014 chinese zodiac horoscope chinese zodiac horoscope 2014  Rooster DOG chinese zodiac horoscope 2014 chinese zodiac horoscope 2014 PIG
The Horse The Sheep The Monkey The Rooster The Dog The Pig


To sum up, 2014 will be an awesome year for people born in the following zodiac signs – Rat, Ox, Snake, Sheep and Rooster. It may be average year for people born in Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog and Pig signs. If people put in their right efforts and have confidence in themselves, then they can shine even amidst difficulties. The Year of Water Snake can be a good turning point in your life, so predicts the yearly 2014 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope.


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