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Reduce Stress With Reflexology

Article posted on July 5, 2012 and it has been read by 9653 people

Reflexology is the knowledge of the theory and practice of stimulation of the reflex points in the feet for the purpose of tapping the life force called the 'prana' in the body for healing itself. It follows the principle 'Heal Thyself' and induces the body by pressure message at specific points in the feet just to do that. This energy flows in specific predictable pathways in the human body.


The theory of reflexology is based on the acupressure. It is premised that there is a definite relationship between the reflex points in the feet, muscles, internal glands and organs etc. it is believed and experience have proved that with pressure message on these reflex tender points, the internal organs can be regulated and rectified.




Whenever the body or any of the body parts become diseased or disordered, whatever may be the causes, the entire blood circulation becomes sluggish leading to the formation of crystalline deposits at the nerve endings which at a later period become tender and painful. Pressure message or acupressure is applied on these points called the reflex points, to break these deposits for elimination by the blood.


These points are also the diagnostic indicators of the corresponding malfunctioning of the internal organs. Thus you can many a time predict impending internal disorders and prevent malfunctioning of body's systems and cure diseases with reflexology.


Apart from normal healing effect, reflexology also aims at providing relaxation to reverse the effects of our regular life stress and strains. Relaxation, stress reduction techniques, therefore are very important.


Stress Reduction Techniques:


1. Hold the left foot in the middle of the palms of both the hands. Keeping the palms fixed, move the hands to and fro for one whole minute. Repeat the same thing on the right foot.


2. Hold the left foot at the ankles with your palms. Keeping the hands fixed move the hands back and forth for a minute. The same thing needs to be repeated on the right foot.


3. With one hand hold the left foot below the ankle and little above the heel tightly. With the other hand gently rotate the foot clockwise for a minute. Repeat the same thing on the right foot.


4. With one hand hold the inside of the left foot a little below the toe. With two fingers and the thumb of the other hand gently rotate the big toe in a clockwise direction for a minute. The same thing is to be done on the right foot.


5. Place one hand flat on the top of the left foot below the toe. Clench the other hand. Place it on the sole of the foot at the solar plexus area. Press both hands and release. Continue pressing and releasing for a minute. Repeat the same thing on the right foot.



6. Hold both the big toes with thumbs and two fingers of the respective hands. Press the big toe alternatively and release. Press and release for about a minute.




The nerve endings of the feet are connected with all the organs, glands and parts of the body with the help of the nervous system. The nerve endings are very delicate and small. So at the time of giving pressure message on the feet, every effort should be made to cover all the points without missing any.


It must however be remembered that reflexology is a very simple technique and has no side effects. But however, pressure giving should be avoided if the patient is pregnant, is seriously ill or has been on drugs and medicines for a long time. Even if the patient is suffering from cancer, diabetes or any kind of heart ailment, reflexology needs to be avoided strictly.


Only because you are practicing the theory of reflexology, do not expect miracles to happen. Though at times they do happen, but there may be instances when pressure message alone will not help. And at times in acupressure do not apply pressure for too long and too hard.

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