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Chinese Horoscope 2017

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Chinese horoscope 2017 gives you an accurate analysis of how 2017 - Year Of The Green Wood Sheep will be for people born under the 12 Chinese signs. Find out how the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig animal signs will fare in the coming year.


The Chinese New Year in 2017 will commence from February 19th 2017 – February 16th 2017. This year will be under the effect of element Wood and Green Color. Being the 8th sign in the Chinese calendar, this Year is said to bring exceptional good luck to one and all in some way or the other.


2017 - The Year of the Sheep also known as the Year of the Goat / Year of the Ram will be an overall lucky year for all the Chinese astrology signs. And more so for people born under the Sheep sign.  Luck, fortune and prosperity will be on your side.


Get your Chinese zodiac predictions for 2017 in seconds and make the most of this wonderful year. Find out if fortune will favor you when it comes to your career, business, finance, love, money, relationships, health, travel and family. Find out how you can use this year to your advantage and come out a winner.

Chinese Horoscope 2017 - Year of Sheep

Chinese Zodiac 2017 Horoscopes


The Rat:

The Chinese horoscope 2017 forecasts that things will not be easy for the Rat in 2017 Year of the Sheep. Career and business will require a lot of hard work and effort. You will have to be frugal with finances. The Chinese New Year 2017 predictions say that the same is true for your love relationships. For good health, focus on alternative healing techniques to help you manage stress.
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The Ox:

The Ox will have to be prepared for some significant changes in 2017. The Chinese zodiac 2017 predictions forecast that there will be many opportunities knocking on your doorstep. You will experience ups and downs in your relationships. This year, you will understand the importance of love in your life. Your health will be excellent.
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The Tiger:

The Chinese horoscope 2017 Tiger predictions forecast that the world will be yours in the coming year. Take advantage of all opportunities in 2017. This kind of luck will continue into your job and business. Your love life will also be exciting. Don’t abuse your incredible well-being by indulging in overeating. Make the most of this year.
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The Rabbit:

2017 will be a confusing year for the Rabbit. Focus on who you are and what you want. Problems arise that make you question your abilities. Control your spending. The Year of the Rabbit 2017 predictions forecast that you are unsure of what you’re looking for in a partner. Eat right and exercise regularly to keep yourself from falling into bad habits.
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The Dragon horoscope 2017 predicts that everything in your life, be it career, relationships or health will be tested. It will be tough year on the job front. Keep an eye on your expenses and income. Relationships need to be kept on hold in 2017. Your stress levels will be on the rise. So focus on things that make you happy.
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The Snake:

In 2017 it will help to direct your energy toward profitable outcomes. Work hard and you will be able to achieve those goals. This is certainly true at your job, where new challenges will pop up on a regular basis. Do not get involved in speculation. Try not to be too demanding in matters of love. It’s imperative you watch over your health and take good care of yourself.
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The Horse:

For those born under the Horse animal sign, the word challenging best describes the Year of the Sheep. Chinese astrology 2017 forecasts that this is the year to show everyone what you're made of, and you're up for the challenge. You just have to believe in yourself first. Learn to be flexible and you will soon find yourself able to handle anything.
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The Sheep:

2017 is the Year of the Green Wood Goat or Sheep, and those born under this animal sign will lead a prosperous life. Your energy, confidence and stamina have never been stronger, and your attitude is just right to achieve your goals. Your savings have never been higher. If you're single, now is a great time to put yourself out there. You will feel invincible when it comes to health.
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The Monkey:

2017 this will be a transition period for the Monkey, who can expect big changes in the coming years. Take your time and prioritize each task so you can fulfill your duties. Because you have no idea what's ahead of you, it's wise to save for a rainy day. Figure out what you really want from a relationship. Avoid falling into depression or suffering from anxiety attacks.
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The Rooster:

2017 is the perfect time for the Rooster to re-evaluate your career, finances, and relationships. Sudden changes in the workplace that will throw you off your game. It’s best to stay away from any major purchases. You are yourself adding to your stress with an unhealthy relationship. Healthy eating and exercise is the key to staying strong.
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The Dog:

The Year of the Goat will be quite favorable for the Dog. The Dog people will be very busy in 2017. Chinese horoscope predictions 2017 warn you to spend just enough to keep yourself happy. Relationships with spouse and loved ones will become stronger than ever. Find a balance between pleasure and health and you'll do just fine.
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The Pig:

The Year of the Sheep will be a happy one for the Pig, whose natural charisma will take them far. Chinese horoscope 2017 forecasts that your job will prosper. You will have extra money to splurge. Take a close look at everything in your love life. Do away with relationships that hold you back. That is the theme of 2017, Pig, staying in motion. This is a great mantra for your health too!
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