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Sagittarius Zodiac - The Archer

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Sagittarius Star SignAll pure Sagittarians have enormous potential, but by no means do all of them display the qualities in their early lives. The reason is - one of the prime characteristics of the sign is the happy-go-lucky attitude. Sagittarians are often careless about the consequences of certain actions. But Sagittarius is a lucky sign and destiny seems to knock the door of the Sagi and give them more than one opportunity to achieve success. Along with their carelessness, their freedom-loving personality and an open and generous heart seems to attract some people.


Sexuality and Emotions:

Strongly, both the Sagi men and the women are lovable as friends and desirable as long time life partners. As a consequence they are much sought after by the people of the opposite sex. But even then they seem to attain a satisfactory long term emotional and sexual relationship only at a later stage in life. They have a natural tendency to reject proposals kindly but firmly. This is not because of the fact that they do not want to take on responsibilities for others but just because of the fact that they set an enormous value on their emotional freedom. But once they settle down, the Sagis prove to be a very devoted and loyal life partners.




Sagittarius Horoscope 2017General Character:

Sagittarius is the sun sign who love to take up risks and challenges for the purpose of attaining success, which most people would regard as being reckless. They drive fast, engage themselves in dangerous sports and are careless with money. Pure Sagis generally love speculations and gambling and seek several types of physical excitement as well as intellectual and emotional. They are rarely the sort of bogus libertarian who expresses deep concern for his/her freedom of thought and action but fail to defend the liberties of others.


Life Style:

The archer is basically a positive personality with an optimistic outlook and is very lively. You are the outspoken, straightforward, cheerful, energized and the adventurous type of person. Starting projects with full responsibility and ending it in an elegant manner is what makes you a prominent personality. Hope is the most important keyword that describes the happy-go-lucky individual.


If you are on a sinking ship then just pray for a Sagi to be on board. Reason - these positive and optimistic people can make the impossible things possible just by their firm belief. Apart from these they are friendly and always on the lookout for enjoying a happy and peaceful family life.




Sagittarius AstrologyCareer / Profession:

Sagittarians are always versatile and it is quite common and expected of them to change from one career to another. But whatever be their career profile it need not include the mundane activities of a routine job and there should be enough scope for him/her to put in use his versatility and intelligence. Challenge is the keyword in the Sagi career which they are very good in living up to. However a well paid job may be, but working without any sort of problems popping up now and then will not satisfy the Archer.


Best Career Options:

1. Teacher

2. Travel agent

3. Pilot

4. Musician

5. Book keeper

6. Photographers


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