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Taurus Zodiac Health Predictions

Article posted on August 14, 2013 and it has been read by 6660 people

Taurus Sun SignThis article discusses health predictions for the Taurus zodiac sign. Learn about Taurean ailments and necessary precautions in 2017.

As far as the external body parts of human beings are concerned, Taurus is the sign, which rules over the ears, neck, throat and the lower jaw; while internally it governs the palate, vocal chords and the tonsils. You can easily spot a pure Taurean in the crowd with the help of his/her beautiful expressive and long neck.


To be more specific, the Taurean females generally have beautiful skin around their throat surrounding their collarbone area and the natives of both the sexes are well known for having marvelous voice; as such most of the Taurean folks turn out to be famous singers.

As the Taurus zodiac sign rules over the neck, ears, vocal chords and the throat, Taurean people are basically prone to problems related to these areas. They are vulnerable to suffer from minute colds and coughs, which seem to affect their throats initially. These people are more inclined to Strep infections.

Good healthVery often the pure Bulls experience serious and painful sore throats and that too for a longer period of time, more than any other sign of the zodiac. Throat problems like coughs, enlarged tonsils, earaches, stiff necks, frozen shoulders, laryngitis and all kinds of minor problems concerning the neck and throat area bother the pure Taureans a lot. To top all these problems, Taurus sun sign are more susceptible to dangers of strokes and other bilious attacks.

When you become exhausted or are physically overstressed, stiff neck is one of the most common and initial outward symptoms. Gradually things start getting worse and thus physical over stress is strictly prohibited for the pure Bull folks. Being blessed with excellent taste buds, Taurus people love eating and are fond of all kind of food.

However, you still need to be concerned about your eating and drinking habits, because it the 2017 Taurus health horoscope predicts that you may have to deal with weight problems and obesity. Venus, the ruling planet of this sign of the zodiac, lays an effect on the parathyroid glands of the Taurean natives, which controls the calcium level within the human body. Moreover, Venus is also known to govern the lumbar regions, throat and kidneys.

Taurus PersonalityBulls are basically rough, tough and hardy people possessing great stamina and physical as well as mental endurance. Thus very rarely do these people fall sick. However, when the Taureans do fall sick both their physical as well as mental well being starts depleting miserably. Health problems within the pure Taureans are also possible when these people suffer from a sense of insecurity, or due to any kind of interruption in their daily routine or even simply due to over stress. In addition to the chances of getting affected by obesity, Taurus individuals are also prone to diabetes, heart problems and eczema.

The cell salt of the Bull people is sodium sulphate. This is the mineral that controls the amount of water present in the human body enabling its proper functioning. Sodium Sulphate is present in the kidney hormones, liver and also in the pancreas. Imbalance of this particular mineral can result in bloating thus causing congestion around the thyroid gland.

As such, food, which contains abundant of this mineral, needs to be there in the diet of the pure Taureans. Examples of such foods are beets, horseradish, spinach, pumpkin, asparagus, cauliflower, Swiss chard, cucumber, raw nuts, onions and cranberries. In addition to all these, the natives need to drink plenty of water for the purpose of flushing out the harmful toxins contained in the human body.  

apple healthy foodRich, heavy and spicy foods need to be avoided as much as possible. It is best to include the intake of fish and seafood in the Taurean diet and other foods that help keep Taurus healthy are fresh vegetables, green salads, wheat, egg and milk.

If your sun sign is Taurus and you are conscious about your health, then start by following the tips given in this article.





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