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Adolf Hitler - Born On Aries & Taurus Zodiac Cusp

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Adolf Hitler was born in the cusp of Aries and Taurus zodiac signs. Find out how astrology can influence the personality of an individual throughout his lifetime.


Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler, better known as history’s most hated villain, an inspiring speaker and a magnetic leader of Second World War was born on 20th April 1889, in Braunau, Austria. Hitler used his marvelous power, charisma, public speaking ability, and his aptitude to use his evil instincts to overwhelm them. His entire life, career and nature are summed up in his great remark “Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.


The shocking tale of Hitler made him a subject of immense curiosity for the rest of the world. Hitler was born on Aries and Taurus horoscope cusp. It is found from astrology predictions that the Saturn in Leo had determined his role as a dictator.


Sun in Taurus had marked his solo positive trait of patriotism. Moon and Jupiter both conspired to give him magnetic mass control and influencing power. Mercury was responsible for his hotheaded approach, keenness and fiery speeches.


He had a troubled childhood and young Hitler used to be whipped regularly by his father. After his parents death at the age of 16 he was compelled to quit his school. Astonishing enough, he had aspired to be a priest early in his life and in 1900 his talent as an artist surfaced. In 1909 Hitler was just a penniless passerby in Vienna which was a centre of anti-Semitism at that time and it was during this period he developed his unreasonable prejudices against Jews, and got interested in politics and debating. This promising, passionate young Adolf was yet to be transformed as one of the most malevolent character in history.

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In 1913 he managed to head for Munich. A veteran of World War I, Adolf Hitler joined the fascist German worker’s party, later renamed as National Socialist German Worker’s party then again Nazi party in 1919. He vowed to avenge Jewish and Bolshevik who were held responsible for German’s defeat in the First World War. By 1921 he was the unquestioned leader of Nazi group especially for his extremist cure to German’s post war crises and damaged economy.


Cusp AstrologyAdolf Hitler’s political manifesto ‘Mein Kampf’ was published during this period and he started to implement novel techniques of mass communications which were strongly backed up with violence and force. After his futile attempt to overpower German Weighmer Republic and one more imprisonment he became the chancellor in 1933 and suspended the German constitution immediately after it. He brought the Nazi to power and forcefully suppressed all political oppositions of that time.


He started a brutal inhuman policy named the Gestapo and formed the concentration camp for licensed butchery of Jews and Gypsies. Six million Jews were slaughtered in this spiteful attempt. His aggressive and abominable foreign policies and frenzied obsessions soon propelled the Second World War in 1939.


Most of us knew the rest of the story and how Second World War caused annihilation, shame and disaster for Germans. Miraculously Hitler survived the 1944 assassination attempt led by Claus von Stauffenberg, but soon his wild insanity led him to commit suicide along with his longtime girlfriend and one day married wife Eva Brown. Both were found dead on 30th April 1945.





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