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Scorpio Zodiac - 2016 Health Astrology

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Ruling planet Mars and Pluto, this watery sign, Scorpio personifies passion itself. A Scorpion inherits his poisonous sting of vengeance from his ground – dwelling killer origin, Scorpio. Scorpions share their determination and animalistic emotions with the predator bird, Eagle which prefers to soar high above mundane trivialities.


steamed foodPower and loyalty fascinate Scorpions most and instincts remain their ultimate guide in life. My Scorpion friends often literally grill me with their inquisitiveness and probing nature so if you have any secret better be aware of your Scorpion friends who in their wild pursuit to seek truth can uncover all your dark deep shielded desires any time.

Scorpions are mostly found in good health at least outwardly. As each sign has inward, outward and structural ruler ships, Scorpions are no exceptions. Nose and nasal areas are the externally ruling organs in Scorpio’s case. Internally the zodiac Scorpio rules the haemoglobin, bladder, prostrate, colon, sigmoid flexure, rectum and gonads. It influences vocal chords and larynx as well.


The pubic bones, sacrum, coccyx and nasal bones remain the sensitive areas structurally. Thymus, thyroid glands, liver, menstruation, sweat glands also can’t remain outside of the sway of this mighty zodiac sign. However the reproductive organs and excretory system governs the Scorpions most, which causes sudden headaches, infections, or fever. They can prevent these minor obstacles as they have quite a healthy construction in general but due to their furtive behaviors they tend to often turn these minor ailments to a serious disease.

Sexual organs being the ruling one, Scorpions are susceptible to skin eruptions on the genital and cystitis diseases in the urinary track. Being vehemently emotional Scorpios are prone to mental ailments as well. To cap it all they are mostly endowed by voluptuous body structures which often make them look older when they are young and younger when they are old. However their mental and physical restorative power is an amazing trait.


health astrologyThe prime ingredient calcium sulphate which repairs the tissues often lack in Scorpions, giving rise to chronic sinus infections, infertility and prolonged skin eruptions. They should eat foods rich in calcium sulphate as in vegetables like onions, asparagus, tomatoes, cauliflower, radishes, figs or in dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt.


Fish and seafood, walnuts, berries, green salad, beets, almonds, apples, bananas and pineapples are also regarded as source of calcium sulphate. Scorpions should avoid heavy meal, tap water and liquor as much as possible to stay healthy, fit and fine.

Water sign Scorpions rule the reproductive and lymphatic systems containing body liquids such as blood, mucus and lymph which make them particularly sensitive to fungi, bacteria and viruses. Health issues always appear to be pretty grave for a sentimental Scorpion and he often tends to brood on those health problems a lot, which may not be so severe in reality.


Unfortunately enough, they are also prone to such ailments which tend to restart again and again and take a life time to be cured finally. Excess water often creates trouble in a scorpion’s life causing obesity, sluggish digestion, and slow metabolic rate. Stagnant water also manifests itself in the form of cysts, tumors and swellings.


Steamed vegetables, beans and lot of fruits are productive in this regard while oily foods, sweets, excessive salt can worsen the situation. Low water constitutes further complications in toxin secretion, lubrication and victims suffer from dehydration and insomnia. Take proper bath, drink sufficient water and fruit juices of watermelon and cucumber.

Health forecast for the year 2016 brings rays of hope for every scorpion, the persistent health troubles related to bones and joint will be eased soon. Health is Wealth, so resolute Scorpions are requested to take care of their health issues with a little more attention this year.



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