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2017 Aquarius Horoscope - Yearly Astrology

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Aquarius horoscopes for 2017 will give you a clear insight into how your life will be in the coming year in terms of love, family, profession, health and wealth.


2017 Aquarius


Increased opportunities and the possibility for major changes in 2017 leave Aquarius little time to catch their breath. But it will also be an exciting time in their busy life predicts the 2017 Aquarius horoscope. Aquarians have never been one to shy away from a challenge, and there will be ample chances to prove themselves.

The Water Bearer strives for mental stimulation, and 2017 will have plenty of that. Whether through work, relationships or travel, there will be an abundance of creative ideas and fresh perspectives to consider and process. But not to worry - their social world will support their need to bounce these thoughts off of other people. Their peers will be readily available to them.

Profession / Career

The first place this is evident is at your job. While it may seem business as usual, that’s only because you’ve caught your stride in your job. The Aquarius career predictions for 2017 forecast that there will be more projects to finish and problems to solve, but your growing confidence helps to complete them with ease. Your strategic capabilities will help you to navigate the rocky seas with composure and effectiveness.

Money / Finance

This strategy includes managing your finances. While you would rather not deal with such boring matters, you realize it’s necessary to get ahead. You can’t get by on creativity alone, and will forego some of your usual pleasures to build up a solid savings account. 2017 money predictions foretell that investments in your future will also lead to prosperous outcomes.


2017 astrology


The Aquarius love astrology also predicts that in 2017 you will decide to re-evaluate your relationship status this year, using your newly formed viewpoint to your advantage. You’ve learned a great deal about yourself and those around you over the years, and now is the time to employ that knowledge. If single, use your social network to weed out possible romantic prospects. If committed, decide whether or not some recent ups and downs in love relationships are worth it.



With all this potential chaos, it’s more important than ever for the Aquarians to uphold a healthy lifestyle in 2017. It will be difficult to maintain if you have to make severe changes to your diet or exercise, but it will certainly be worth it. With more energy and stability you will be able to handle anything thrown your way.



This roller coaster ride includes your family also, as the past couple of years have been so busy you may not have had enough time to spend with them. Try to focus on them a bit more to regain balance in your life and your sanity. Some of your investments should include home improvements, and that would make those closest to you very happy.



It may not be easy though, since 2017 will be a big year for business trips for the Aquarius zodiac sign. Whether for work or humanitarian efforts, you will be off traveling all over the country and possibly the world. While these treks will add to your professional knowledge, they will expand your personal horizons as well. Just remember to take a weekend getaway once in a while with the ones you love.

The Aquarius horoscope 2017 warns that while you may feel tremendous pressure at different times throughout the year, it’s important to focus on your goals. You have plenty of momentum going into the year and it’s imperative you hang onto it. Don’t let stress become your worst enemy. Visualize whatever you want to accomplish and go full steam ahead!



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