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January 2017 Leo Horoscope Prediction

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Leo horoscope for January 2017 warns the people of the Leo zodiac sign need to be a bit gentle in their approach this month. Your aggressive nature may do you more harm than good. You will have a busy social life. This month will be hectic but rewarding.


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Love / Romance / Sex
Marital relations will get stronger. Your quest for the right life partner may end this month. But do not think too much about being the perfect partner.  Your partner will have to accept you with all your faults.


Leo horoscope forecasts that your sensitive nature can come in the way of the Leo sexual relations. Do not let stress affect your sexual affairs as this may cause a strain in your love life. Loving and being loved will truly have a positive effect on your overall well being predicts astrology 2017 for the Leos.


Leo Horoscope January 2017Career / Profession
Work load will be high in your job. Your abilities will be tested to the fullest. Career astrology prediction for January 2017 says that this will be a demanding time for the Leos. Keep your eyes open for profitable business ventures. Do not let people take advantage of you.


Money / Finance
This month will be a good time to invest money but make sure you have enough resources for other expenses. This is the month to splurge and pamper yourself.  Buy the special things that you have been dreaming of for months.


horoscope leoTravel
January 213 is a good time to indulge yourself and go on a dream holiday. Business travel will also prove to be productive.


Your energy level keep going down towards the end of the month. Meditation and yoga will help you keep your mind free from stress and tension. Control your dominating nature else this may cause lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol.


The family life for the Leo star sign will be pleasant and harmonious. Spouse and children will rely on you for the smallest of things and you will try your best to fulfill their wishes.


This monthly 2017 zodiac forecast for Leo for January 2017 can tide you over the rough times with ease.


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