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Ancient World Astrology Redefined

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world astrology signsAstrology has been practiced around the world since ancient times. Horoscope analysis and forecast can help a person tremendously. Get to know your personality from different angles such as Tibetan zodiac, Roman, Aztec, Native American and African astrology.


Ever since men started observing the sky, they started to observe the various dots that move during the night and the bright sun travelling the morning sky. Soon, they learnt to plot them and find some relationship between each of them. As ages progressed, men started to predict the future by studying the movement of these planets and stars in the sky.


Babylonians were the earliest to develop astrology that was adopted by Romans, who took it to Egypt. Since then, Egyptian astrological beliefs have gone around the world for centuries. Whatever be the place or country, astrology revolved around Zodiac signs. These star signs were used to classify people and make them fall under unique personality traits classification. Let’s take a look at the different systems of zodiac signs followed in various parts of the world.


Tibetan Zodiac Signs: Similar to Chinese zodiac, Tibetans zodiac signs are totally twelve in number. They are Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird, Dog, Pig, Mouse, Ox and Tiger. These twelve animal signs are again associated with five elements – Fire, Earth, Iron, Wood and Water. The zodiac sign changes every year, while the associated elements changes once in two years.


Furthermore, Tibetans have categorized days of the week as auspicious day, Day of the life force and unfavorable day. For example, a person born in the year of 2010 is of the Tiger animal zodiac sign. So a Tiger person will have an auspicious day on Thursday and unfavorable day on Friday. Tibetan calendar is based on the Losar, the lunar calendar and so the exact starting of New Year is hard to predict. It is between January and March of every year.


Roman Gods Zodiac SignsNative American Zodiac Signs:  Native American zodiac signs were adopted from the animals and birds living in Rocky Mountains. The twelve animals associated are Hawk, Moose, Owl, Sturgeon, Mountain Lion, Deer, Eagle, Beaver, Red Fox, Bear, Wolf and Grey Whale.


The person born under each of these animal zodiac signs bear some resemblance to the animals assigned to it. For example, if you were born on April 5, then you belong to the Hawk sign. People born in Hawk sign have an expansive vision; good focus and are extremely fearless in their pursuit of destiny.


Roman Zodiac Signs: The Astrology that is being used worldwide was first derived from the Romans and so naturally, their Zodiac signs are what we use now. The signs are the same – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces star sign.


Romans followed the Tropical Zodiac, where the signs are marked from the zero degree of the equinox of Aries. The Roman astrology and their zodiac signs later travelled to India and Egypt and were made famous worldwide.


Aztec Astrology SignsAztec Signs: Aztecs had developed a calendar called the Long Count, which had 260 days, which had 20 signs repeating itself in 13 times a year. The numbers from 1 to 13 are attached to each sign and the numbers get incremented along with the sign every day. Once it reaches the fourteenth sign, again the number rolls back to 1 and is attached with the fourteenth sun sign.


The twenty signs used by Aztecs are Cipactli (Crocodile), Ehecatl(Wind), Calli (House), Cuetzpalin (Lizard), Coatl (Serpent Snake), Miquiztli (Death), Mazatl (Deer), Tochtli (Rabbit), Atl (Water), Itzcuintli (Dog), Ozomatli (Monkey), Malinalli (Grass), Acatl (Reed), Ocelotl (Jaguar), Cuauhtli (Eagle), Cozcacuahtli (Vulture), Ollin (Movement), Tecpatl (Flint), Quiyahuitl (Rain) and Xochitl (Flower). Each animal sign has one of the four directions attached to it.


African Zodiac Signs: African Zodiac signs are based on the form of divination called Geomancy. By this form of fortune telling, people used to throw bones on the ground randomly and draw lines across it. Then they foretell the future by the shape that is formed by practice. Usually, this form results in twelve different patterns being formed and hence African zodiac too resorts to twelve zodiac signs.


They are the Baobab tree, Wealth of Amber and Silver, Family, Small Services to neighborhood, market, Ancestor, Judge, Kola nut, Traveler, Distance, Child of the word and Harvest in the granary. Since African zodiac is closely associated with the everyday happenings, it is believed that their astrology predictions never go wrong. A person born under the sign baobab tree would be firm in nature, while person born under Family sign would be caring in nature.


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