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Numerology And Your Birthday

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birthday numerologyThe study of numerology is as old as history. Various systems of this study have evolved in different forms in different countries since the ages. Even though the subject and its study have a long history, it still remains a matter of prolonged and bitter controversy whether it has any scientific basis or not.


Future prediction is both possible as well as not possible with the help of Numerology. Certain incidents during our lifetime point out the possibility of painful experiences like accidents, money problems, divorce and the like. In the same way, numerology foretells many positive events.




Your Birthday Number is an indispensable aspect of numerology. Based on this number, you can have an in-depth look at your own personality, and also find out which particular talent manifests itself the most in you. This in turn will help you correct the pitfalls and lead a happy and balanced life.




As its very name suggests, the Birthday Number deals with the day of the month when you were born. The Birthday Number cannot be reduced and each of the 31 birthdays is described in a different manner. This numerology number best describes a particular talent that you may be endowed with, but not yet aware of.




Birth Date Number

The Birthday Number is simply calculated by taking the number of the day when you were born. The day you were born bears great significance in understanding who you are and where your talents lie. The day of birth indicates some special talent you possess.  It is a gift to you that will help you along your Life Path.


Your day of birth is one of your four core numbers — the Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire being the other three.  It is the least significant of the four core numbers, but perhaps the most finite, in that it reveals a specific ability you possess in a marked degree.




The birthday is a supporting influence added to the Life Path.  Think of it as a modifier to the Life Path. These are traits that you brought into this life much as with the more important and dominating traits shown by the Life Path. The moment of your birth comes as the only moment of a full transformation in your whole life.


In that very instant you step into the world of harsh reality. As have been told like William Shakespeare, life is the play with the world as the stage. In the play, the birth is the raising of the curtain and the death the curtain's descent.


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